Black & White Crop with Feather Tickler


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Sometimes it’s okay to want it all! An erotic midnight romp with a partner is definitely one of those times, and that, playful friends, is exactly why Shots created the Crop with Feather Tickler. Silky soft and teasingly tickly one one side, firm and precise on the other, this unique crop delivers very different sensations depending on the side you choose to enjoy.

Use the feathery side to gently ignite nerve endings and pleasure receptors all over your mate’s body. Drag it over breasts, tummies, butts and shoulder to thrill and naturally sensitize skin before turning to the crop side for a hint (or more) of sexy sting.

In bonded leather, satin fabric and feather, the Crop can be easily spot-cleaned as needed.

* The Feather Crop measures approximately 18″ (46cm) long and 2.5″ (6.4cm) wide


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