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Sex dolls are popular with many men. The dolls look more and more realistic and feel soft and cuddly thanks to the constant further development of the material. They bring lightness into sex life – men are free of any thoughts of having to look good and giving the other person a breathtaking orgasm. In addition, sex dolls can be used to live out any sexual fantasies that your partner is not ready for. Beginners and shy men can get rid of their first inhibitions with lifelike sex dolls and find out what they like about sex. From flower sex to fetish: sex dolls, in contrast to real women, go along with everything and that is exactly what makes them so appealing. The different toys add variety to the bedroom and make masturbation exciting! There is a suitable sex doll for every fantasy and every taste. It has never been easier to meet a woman!

Sex dolls: 10 diverse models for every taste

The sex dolls differ in terms of their appearance, the material and the openings they have to offer. They satisfy the most diverse needs. Everyone decides which sex doll suits them according to their individual taste. The sex dolls can roughly be divided into two categories: On the one hand there are sex dolls with 3D faces, which have many details such as elaborated feet and hands and whose lifelike skin feels velvety soft. These are only partially inflatable, the 3D head is stowed away as a whole. On the other hand, there are sex dolls whose advantage lies more in the variety of openings and the different positions. These are completely inflatable and can also be easily stowed away.

Lifelike sex dolls – hardly anyone can resist these beauties

1. Camilla: Beginners will love her

With her long eyelashes, the enchanting green eye color and the velvety soft skin, she looks at you shyly but longingly. Her body is detailed down to the fingertips and doesn’t look very artificial. At 1.70 meters, Camilla is one of the sex doll models. Large breasts and stretchable vagina and anus channels invite you to be happy. Depending on your preference, the vibrating egg and the knobbed pleasure channel can be used to enhance the lifelike feeling.

Head of the love doll Camilla from NMC

2. Leticia: The southern beauty with curves

Leticia enchants with her attractive appearance. Brown-eyed, with dark hair, a breathtaking waist and inviting hips, this beauty is reminiscent of the last holiday fling in southern Italy. The breasts are big, her nipples already stiff with lust. Thanks to the “Loveclone” material, the vagina and anus feel very lifelike. Leticia also provides tingling moments of pleasure with additional vibrations.

Head of the love doll Leticia from You2Toys

3. Juicy Jill: Platinum blonde hair and XXL boobs

Long blond hair, a real 3D face and instinct – Juicy Jill knows what she has to offer. Men can lose themselves in her large, soft XXL breasts. Her tight, stretchy lust channels enclose the penis tightly and ensure breathtaking orgasms. Juicy Jill doesn’t want to be conquered, she’s looking for a lover who can have fun with her.

Head of the love doll Juicy Jill from You2Toys

4. Jessica’s motto: Naturally sexy!

The brunette beauty extends her pleasure center to you. Kneel in front of her and alternately satisfy her anally and vaginally! You can massage her big stem. Jessica looks very realistic with her sculpted hands and 3D face. With a little imagination, you won’t notice that it’s a sex doll. Jessica is the ideal lover to change positions during masturbation.

Head of the love doll Jessica from You2Toys

5. Nathalie wants to seduce you

Nathalie is all about it – with full lips, loose hair, seductive make-up and erotic lingerie, she courts your favor. In addition to the erotic lifting bra, which lets the nipples flash, she wears sexy crotchless panties and a garter. Nathalie runs her hands through your hair before you penetrate her erotic lust channels. The vibrating egg intensifies the intense feeling that Natalie gives you. This lifelike sex doll almost borders on perfection and spoils you with all your senses.

Head of the love doll Nathalie from You2Toys

Sex dolls with 3 openings set no limits to the imagination

6. Cum Swallowing Doll: Experience a lifelike blowjob

This blonde beauty with brown eyes grants deep insights three times. Her open mouth is just waiting to spoil a penis with tongue games. The 3D head and the soft material make the blowjob look incredibly realistic. This sex doll loves the missionary position and likes to be pampered by you. The included multi-speed vibrating egg can be inserted into each of its three openings.

Cum Swallowing Sexpuppe

7. Bridget: Curves to tackle

Bridget doesn’t like size zero! Her big breasts and plump butt offer men something to touch. She emphasizes her advantages with erotic lingerie, which you can lustfully take off before making love. Her well-formed back door invites you to anal pleasures. Bridget is not a sad sex doll – with her bent legs she already indicates that she is ready for many positions. Her mouth is also big and loves to let the male pleasure object slide deep into her.

Love Doll Big Boobs Bridget by You2Toys

8. Tyra fulfills secret man’s dreams

Many men fantasize about having sex with a dark-skinned woman. The vivacious Tyra fulfills all fantasies with her black hair, large breasts and curvy waist. You will get to know her hidden secrets if you penetrate one of her three openings. The tight anus invites you to extensive anal sex, but she is also waiting for you to satisfy her orally and vaginally.

Head of the love doll Tyra from You2Toys

9. Faye: The little acrobat impresses with her skills

Faye is every man’s dream come true – Faye is flexible and just waiting to try out new sex positions with you. There is hardly a fantasy that Faye cannot serve: breast sex, doggy style, 69er or anal sex with a vibrating egg – Faye likes to live out her sexuality. In addition to her acrobatic stretching exercises, Faye is also a true tongue artist. With the soft material in her mouth she is not at a loss for a blowjob.

Head of the love doll Faye from NMC

10. Realistic face sex doll

This sex doll has the face of Mandy Mystery printed on it. You look straight into the eyes of a real woman when you let your imagination run wild with the sex doll. The breasts can be wonderfully pressed together so that you can experience seductive breast sex with her. In addition, the doll features three pleasure orifices, all filled with a soft, realistic-feeling material.

Head of the love doll Mandy Mystery

With a little imagination, sex dolls are the ideal companions in bed. They set no limits to their own imagination and revive new love desires. The sex dolls are available for every budget and every taste – whether 3D face or 3 pleasure openings – each doll has its own advantages. The sex doll is a varied alternative to normal masturbation and sometimes to a real woman. If you have not yet dealt with alternative options to classic masturbation, you may first find what you are looking for in our large selection of masturbators before you dare a sex doll.

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