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You rock the beds and want more? Or are you more of a relationship type with feet asleep and looking for your old momentum? We have something for you here: our ultimate ORION sex challenge!

In 21 days we will bring endless fun and fire back into your love life! Because in our daily tasks not only heaps of sex stimuli are waiting. We’ll make you chat too. About you, your preferences, your sexual intercourse.

The special thing about our challenge: You play with and against each other at the same time. And you determine the profit yourself.

The rules of the game

And how does it work? Very easily. You get 21 tasks. You should do it in 21 days. Day 1 and Day 21 are set. Otherwise, you can decide for yourself when to do something. Also, whether you want to do two or three tasks in a row and take a break for it the next day. The important thing is that you can do everything in 3 weeks. Because your sex frequency should be high. Remember the old adage: “Much sex leads to much sex, little sex leads to little.”

For the fulfillment of each task you get a different number of pleasure points. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you are a team and both give you the same score. Sometimes, however, we have also considered tasks where you can be evaluated differently or only one of you can achieve something countable. Make a list of points and hang it right next to the coffee machine, or where you can see it clearly and constantly. That turns you on!

Of course you can quit at any time. You should definitely do that from time to time, because there will certainly be one or the other erotic no-go for you. And a really good sexuality also includes self-confidently knowing your limits – and communicating them. On the other hand, since it is also about leaving your comfort zone, consider carefully! The first denial is free for each of you. For the second you have to deduct 1 point, for the third 2 points, every further “No” will be deducted one more point.

Oh yes: The sex challenge is made for couples of all stripes! Lesbians and gays can participate as well as straight people.

So, now get to the pen and paper and we don’t want to see any negative scores at the end!

The 21 Day Sex Challenge

Tag 1: Everyone secretly writes down a sex request for themselves. That can be detailed, like a small screenplay: who will take the first step? where should it be As? By which? You put your fantasies in an envelope and put it aside. You need this for the grand finale!

Textilf**k: Today the clothes stay on. Yes, you read that right! Reaching under your shirt is allowed, and you can also open your pants. But nothing is undressed! Stimulate yourself to the climax anyway and get a point for it.

Spicy greetings: Send a sexy message to your cell phone today, but think carefully: there is one point for a dirty text. An erotic photo is worth 2 points. If you let it rip and send an explicit close-up even 3 points!

Sexshop: Visit a store together, if that doesn’t work, browse online. Everyone decide on a sex toy and tell each other why! Of course, if you can, buy it right away. If it doesn’t fit into the budget right now, remember it for better times! By the way, one point for each.

O Lovers Sextoys

FSK18: Take turns choosing porn and watch it together. Without laughing, without judging. If it turns you on, join us. If not, tell each other what you think is good or bad about the scenes. You both deserve a point for being so honest!

fiddling quickie: Take turns setting a timer for 5 minutes. Whoever brings the other to orgasm in time: 1 point

bondage games: Fixate your partner and make them relinquish control. You will see, the sex will be completely different immediately! It is best to shop for soft restraints and an eye mask. In a pinch, ties or silk scarves will also do. But be careful – pay attention to easily detachable knots! Here you will find a small knot gauge. πŸ™‚ You get 2 points for the awesome bondage fun.

Tantra-Session: Do you know tantra? In short, this describes a sexuality in which the focus is not on orgasm, but on pleasure and getting to know each other. You can do that too: take your time and slowly get hot. Shortly before the climax you stop! If you manage that, you may write down 3 points.

Teach Me: One of you is about to have mega sex. But according to instructions! That means he/she has to direct exactly what is done. And in detail: touch me there, slower, more forcefully, whatever. The other just performs like a sex robot. So you not only get deep insights into the body of the other, but the teacher also gets 2 points.

Locationwechsel: Make love in an unusual place and get both of the next points. Kitchen table, floorboards, storage room – if you stay in your own four walls, there is at least a point for everyone. Behind the gym, in the car or in the club toilet: If you go outside, it’s 3 points each! But be careful, don’t get caught!

Heard, heard: Read an erotic story to your partner for one point and then check if she aroused him.

webcam sex. Make a date for erotic video telephony. You will receive one point for each participation. If you get down to business and have an orgasm, you get 3 strong points!
Tip for cyber newbies: It’s best to start off simply by talking about the last few days of the sex challenge. Then the rest will take care of itself. πŸ˜‰

Spot On: Dimmed light? Candlelight? Crawl under the covers? Not today! Turn on all the lamps you have in the room to the hilt and throw out all the bedding. Because today people look relentlessly. Fucks in the spotlight and scores 2 bright points!

Shower: Surprise your partner in the shower and spoil him/her on the spot. Successful? Then 2 points land on your account!

Oily Foreplay: Massage your partner’s back and extend the fun to a Nuru massage. The slippery action gives two sexy points.

eye contact: This is a lot harder than you think! Look deep into your eyes and have hot sex. Without losing eye contact for even a second. Not kissing, not fishing with lube, not changing positions and not coming! Gives 3 points for everyone – if you look away or close your eyes, you get nothing.

pants down music on: Each of you gets a point for a super hot striptease.

Who can do it? Wake up your lover in the middle of the night and convince him/her to have sex! You can write down 2 points for the nightly surprise sex.

G spot: The myth is cracked. Tries to elicit a G-spot orgasm from the lover. Ideally, it even leads to female ejaculation! You should definitely do your research beforehand and get tips for the perfect stimulation of this special erogenous zone. If you manage to get the high-G spot, you both get full credit: 3 points. (No G-spot at hand? Gay couples are allowed double on the P-spot, see next task.)

P point: Now HE is being explored! Get smart, then loosen up, and conquer highly excitable, masculine terrain. Whether with fingers or anal toys, the main thing is that there is plenty of lubricant! A prostate orgasm gives you 3 P points. (Our lesbian couples focus on both G-spots instead!)

Tag 21: And? Who won the sex challenge? We wish you a draw! Because now the envelope from day 1 comes into play again. Read each other your sex fantasies. The winning fantasy is made (but surely the other one too!)

And always remember – see the whole action as fun and do what you like! πŸ˜‰

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