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Sex can be very nice if you do the same thing over and over again. It’s just not enough for some of us. We want more, it has to be new, creative, exciting and sparkling. Just let your partner surprise you with what is about to happen. So if you fancy a little voyage of discovery, I have some sex toys and other things as recommendations for you that will definitely refresh your sex life.

If you’ve already tried any of these, I advise you to try another of the six recommended items or let yourself be inspired by our erotic theme worlds. So buckle up and set off on a journey of discovery…

Toys at a glance:

Two times orgasm guarantee

The first toy is made for the female body. This is the new 2-in-1 pulsator from Womanizer, called “Womanizer DUO”! Unlike the previous models, this sex toy takes care of two things that should drive YOU crazy. Both the clitoris and the G-spot are stimulated by vibration impulses. Of course, the Womanizer DUO does not do without the typical function of stimulation via Pleasure Air technology. The clitoris is stimulated without the toy being placed on it. The clitoris cannot be overstimulated, so orgasm is almost inevitable after a short time. Therefore, this toy is the absolute favorite among women! In addition, with the Womanizer DUO, a vibrator arm is placed on the G-spot (lubricant makes things easier). Effect? Of course, the stimulation is even more intense than it already is. πŸ˜‰ The Womanizer DUO has 12 different vibration levels and can also be used in the shower without any problems. A woman’s dream of a love toy come true!

Womanizer DUO

Virtual Sex Reality

Since we at ORION are of course committed to equality, the men should not be neglected when masturbating with toys. For those with an affinity for technology, we have an absolute grenade toy in our repertoire. Actually there are two… It’s a pair of VR glasses (Virtual Reality) with a matching masturbator. If these terms mean nothing to you, no problem. You can use the glasses to watch sex films in VR for free. You are literally sucked into the action and have a 360 degree view of the film. It practically feels like you’re just sitting in the room having sex with the porn actress. What’s even better is that the masturbator, which is connected to the VR glasses via Bluetooth technology, simulates the movements from the porn via the masturbator. So you feel the same as the original performer. I can only tell you from my own experience: The whole thing is far more real than you can imagine! Be sure to try it!

VR-Sense - Tube-Sense von SenseMax

Double stimulation – vaginal & clitoral

If you prefer to have fun together with a toy, there are other ways to get your money’s worth. With the “Belou” vibrating egg with an additional clitoral stimulator, she is given maximum stimulation twice, namely vaginally and on the clitoris. The highlight: You don’t necessarily have control over which of the four vibration modes or the four intensity levels is currently running. The partner controls the vibrating egg by remote control and thus takes full control of her pleasure. It is literally at the mercy of the partner with the remote control in hand. It’s very likely that after an intense orgasm, she’ll want to reciprocate with her partner… πŸ˜‰

Hot massages to the point

Another sex toy that can be integrated incredibly well into a joint partner massage is the “O-WAND” massage stick, which has 11 vibration levels. The stick, which is not that small at 32 cm in length, has a very soft silicone head that can be applied selectively and specifically in order to massage specific parts of the body very thoroughly. Due to the many vibration modes (different speeds and patterns), you can decide exactly how much the partner should be massaged. There are also other attachments available separately if you like variety. It should be noted that the massage stick is very suitable for both men and women! Explore each other’s bodies and discover new erogenous zones!

Massagestab O-Wand

Damp, warm and slippery

If that’s not the right thing for you and you feel like a different kind of change, then maybe you should work at the place or material where your sweetheart session usually takes place. Lay out your bed with varnish. A shared experience on a vinyl sheet can be highly erotic. The material feels very special and no liquid goes through. So you can really piss each other off. Personally, I recommend a good-smelling massage oil that you rub generously on each other from head to toe. Then you can slide together over the sheet and over your body. An unforgettable experience!

Lacquer fitted sheets from fetish collection

Give up control and enjoy

If the previous suggestions are not enough for you to make new passive experiences, there is of course something for the more die-hard. πŸ˜‰ The fact that the male G-spot is located on the prostate is no longer a secret. This strap-on belt with vibration function is also ideal for lesbian games or threesomes. The strap-on double vibrator has separate, gradually adjustable vibration that is easy to use. You can alternate between active and passive roles with this sex toy if you are open to these intense experiences. Of course, the strap-on is not only suitable for anal but also for vaginal sex. As an active lady, you can also insert the other vibrator while penetrating yourself. That sounds like fun…

Umschnalldildo Strap-on Duo

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