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6 things your partner almost always lies about BBFactory

It doesn’t matter how well you understand each other and don’t give a damn, how much you trust each other. There are definitely things that you’re not so particular about the truth about. Or where you deliberately lie to your partner – and are lied to!
The fib doesn’t have to be mean at all, quite the opposite. Bet you find yourself in at least 5 of these 6 points?

1. The tiresome topic: ex-partners

Of course we tell each other how many exes we have, and we don’t hold back on facts either. Who, how long, why did we break up. But sooner or later the taboos lurk and it is lied that the beams bend. “No, I’ve never been so in love as I am now!” and “Oh, the sex was also rather mediocre” and of course nobody thought about moving in together, getting married or having children.

2. Thoughts are free

Losing your focus during sex? Difficult. Maybe even think about someone else during sex? A no go. Although both have certainly happened to everyone. The correct answer to the question “What are you thinking about?” is “Well, my darling”.
And means: “I went through the shopping list for tomorrow, I thought briefly about my income tax return, somehow the sex with my ex-affair came to my mind, I basically think of my favorite porn actress, or also: Well, my Treasure!” 😉

3. Masturbation

“Do you actually do it yourself?” – “Noooooo, such nonsense” especially girls have a hard time admitting it at all. But somehow and at some point everyone does it: masturbate!
Boys are usually not that reserved when it comes to this topic, but telling your loved ones how exactly and how often they lend a hand is not really an option. “I do it at least once a day, with pocket pussy, ground beef, or a melon that I cut a hole in and…”

4. Fine Adult Entertainment

Most people are not quite as sensitive to porn. But this is also good for hiding or lying! “Are you watching porn?” “Hm, probably not – well, I watched one with my friends years ago, but it was nothing.”
People! There are trillions of porn labels that release trillions and trillions of blockbusters every year. And umpteen Internet portals with ludicrous hits on countless little films – someone is watching it. Regularly!

5. Headache

Just not in the mood today? Not uncommon, but not everyone can just say it like that. Perhaps because not everyone has a partner who is not unsettled by this! And before the bedroom blessing goes awry, a diplomatic solution must be found.
Here’s how they go, the wild sex avoidance tactics: white lies as far as the eye can see. “I have migraines, optionally my period, sleeping sickness. I am not good. I have an extremely important meeting tomorrow morning…”.

6. The classic – fake orgasm

Oh and ah, an orgasm is easy to fake. By the way, not only from women! And almost nobody notices the fake, even if most of them are totally sure. Now, of course, one can say that this is not yet a lie. It will be when the inevitable question comes “Did you come?” “Uh…”.

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