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More and more couples are discovering their curiosity about anal sex. Once considered taboo, anal intercourse has become a common sex practice in many bedrooms. The variety of different anal toys shows that anal intercourse is now very popular. Anyone who has ever enjoyed an anal orgasm will no longer want to do without these intense feelings. In both men and women, countless nerve endings come together at the anus, which increase the feeling of touch.

But anal sex is not only popular because of the anal orgasms – anal intercourse is one of the sex practices that couples take time for together, because an anal quickie is not even half as nice as extensive anal intercourse. The preparation alone plays an essential role in anal sex and is practiced with care. An indispensable anal toy is the anal douche, which, in addition to the necessary hygiene, ensures the first stretching of the anus. In this article we will go into more detail about the advantages and use of an anal douche and present various models.

Anal douche: That’s why you shouldn’t do without it!

Anal sex takes time! Time to relax and time for proper preparation. The anal shower combines both. It cleans the rectum and relaxes the sphincter.

The anal douche has an enema syringe through which the water gets into the anus. The tip of the anal douche has different diameters depending on the model and attachment. An anal douche with a tip that is as thin as possible and only a few millimeters in diameter is suitable for getting started with anal cleaning. In addition to anal cleaning, the anal douche ensures that the anus is pre-stretched. Thanks to the anal shower, you come into contact with anal play for the first time. First use the anal douche a few times while showering before you prepare yourself for real anal sex with it.

From a medical point of view, the use of an anal douche for anal cleaning and anal care makes sense. It ensures less irritation in the anal area and can balance the intestinal flora. In this article, however, the focus is exclusively on the use as a sex toy before anal sex.

Anal douche: models at a glance

When buying an anal douche, quality is the top priority. The enema syringe must be of high quality. Even the smallest material defect poses a risk of injury to the anus and intestines. There are two types of anal douches: an anal douche with a pump ball and an anal douche as a shower attachment. Both types of models have their advantages:

Anal douche with pump ball

The balloon-like anal douche consists of a pump ball and a flexible screw-on tip. As a rule, these models are made of high-quality plastic. They are particularly light, transportable and easy to use. These anal douches are suitable for quick cleaning as well as cleaning on the go, for example when travelling. Some models come with multiple attachments of different sizes. With them you can discover your individual preference as a beginner. In addition, anal douches with several attachments are particularly practical, for example if your partner also wants to use them for anal cleaning. Just quickly change the attachment and let the fun begin!

Anal shower as a shower attachment

In addition to the transportable anal douche, there are shower attachments for the shower hose. The anal shower is mounted instead of the normal shower head. Stainless steel is often used as the material, but plastic models also feel good in the hand. These models are usually shaped like a phallus and have a larger diameter than anal douches with pump bulbs. Their size makes them particularly suitable for advanced anal lovers. Anal cleaning in the shower is pleasant and relaxing. Many also use these models for anal masturbation in the morning shower.

Tips for using the anal douche

Using an anal douche is quite easy, but it takes a little effort the first time. The rectum is usually cleaned before anal sex in the shower or on the toilet. Before anal cleaning, the intestines should be completely emptied – this should be done as naturally as possible. No need for laxatives!
Cleaning the rectum with the anal douche can be done two to three times a week without any problems. When cleaning the anal, proceed as follows:

1st step: The pump ball of the enema is filled with water or the shower attachment is attached to the shower hose. The water should be lukewarm and never warmer than body temperature. Water that is too hot when cleaning the anal can lead to drying out of the anal region and an imbalance in the intestinal flora.

2nd step: Lubricant is applied to the anus and the tip of the anal douche. This allows easy penetration of the anal douche into the anus. This step is essential for beginners, advanced users often do without the lubricant later when cleaning.

3rd step: The enema syringe is inserted into the anus. If you use an anal douche with a pump ball, the water is pressed out by the pressure on the pump. The water should be emptied from the balloon as slowly as possible. When pulling out the enema syringe, the pump must continue to be pressed, otherwise the water will be drawn in again. When cleaning with the shower attachment, you simply let the water run with light water pressure.

Tip: If you have problems inserting the anal douche, you can simply lean forward or squat down deeper. This makes it easier for the tip of the anal douche to slide into the anus.

Step 4: The water is briefly retained in the anus before being expelled naturally. This is especially easy if you squat down. If necessary, the flushing of the intestine can be repeated.

For couples who are constantly looking for new adventures, anal sex is pure pleasure. Getting involved with your partner and relaxing together increases the perception of feelings and the fun of sex. When preparing for anal intercourse, it is essential to use an anal douche with a suitable attachment for anal cleaning. In addition to anal cleaning, it is also used for the first stretching of the anus before anal sex, but is also used for anal masturbation. An anal douche is not only suitable for beginners – even advanced users appreciate the variety of models of different sizes. Anyone who ventures into the world of anal intercourse should definitely use the anal shower beforehand for pre-stretching and anal cleaning. Anal sex isn’t even half as nice without it!

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