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Yes, that headline might sound a bit odd to some of you, but fake semen is something that’s been discussed over and over again on certain internet forums. Are you also looking for an artificial sperm imitation? Then you are exactly right here. Whether homemade or professional, edible or not: We have compiled the best recipes for artificial sperm, which are almost indistinguishable from the original – at least in visual terms.

The areas of application for artificial sperm

Before we get to the different types of artificial sperm and how you can produce artificial sperm yourself, it should be clarified what applications there are for artificial sperm at all. It also depends on what properties it must have.

Erotic fantasies & roleplay during sex

For some women, getting a big load of cum on the face from a man is a hot fantasy. So a really big one. Lots of cum on breasts or buttocks is also an irresistible fantasy for some women. Especially in a sex marathon with several climaxes or when the man is not supposed to actually cum yet, artificial sperm is a welcome help in these games. Another fantasy some women have is to take control with a strap-on and squirt on their partner too – the possibilities are endless.

Squirting sex toys

When masturbating, many women imagine being cummed on by a man or having him cum inside them. Some dildos and vibrators now make it possible to recreate this experience while having solo fun. These toys absorb liquid and release it again when needed. Artificial sperm that is as realistic as possible makes this fun all the more realistic and erotic.

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Hot (private) movies and pictures

In erotic films, the “cumshot” is often simply part of it. The male protagonist squirts an unrealistically large amount of sperm onto the usually female actress. In view of the fact that scenes are often repeated several times in these little movies, it’s only understandable that the directors resort to various tricks. One of them is the use of artificial sperm, which is an absolute standard in this industry – the amount of ejaculate often seems exaggerated accordingly. But not only the professionals can fall back on such tools. Artificial sperm is also ideal for home-made pictures and videos – whether for private use or as a small extra income – to spice up crucial scenes.

As an aid

Finally, artificial sperm also has very practical areas of application. Some men just can’t ejaculate but don’t want to give up cumming entirely during sex. Depending on its composition, the artificial sperm can also be used as a lubricant. For quite a few women and men, the sight and feel of artificial sperm as a lubricant is a hot affair.

The different types of artificial sperm

After we have established how diverse the areas of application of artificial sperm are, we now come to the different forms of ejaculate imitation.

Do it yourself: homemade artificial sperm

Artificial sperm initially sounds like complex recipes and time-consuming processes. In fact, you can make your own artificial sperm very quickly with the help of simple ingredients:

• Mix an egg white with a little condensed milk: do not beat too hard, otherwise unsightly bubbles will form. The advantage of this option: The protein creates an uneven consistency, which is often the case with real sperm.

• Water with cornstarch: Mix a spoonful of cornstarch with two spoonfuls of cold water until there are no lumps. Bring about 100 to 200 ml of water to the boil (depending on the desired consistency) and stir in the starch mixture with a whisk. Bring to the boil again, remove from the flame and allow to cool. Advantage: You can also add a little salt or sugar to the mixture as you like and taste it, and you can even use it warm.

• Piña Colada: An insider tip for everyone who wants to drink a cocktail or two while having fun anyway. Regular piña colada is surprisingly similar to semen and is perfect if you want semen in your mouth anyway.

These “kitchen variants” of artificial sperm also have the advantage that they can not only be sprayed on the breasts and face, but also in the mouth without any problems. The taste isn’t even that bad. However, they are not recommended for vaginal or anal fun or as a filling for sex toys.

Means that naturally resemble sperm

It’s even easier. Some drugs are so inherently similar to semen in terms of consistency and appearance that they are also used in the adult film industry. The disadvantage of these agents is that they do not belong in any body opening, should not be used as a lubricant and are not edible:

• Liquid Hand Soap: Yes, you heard that right. Many ordinary liquid soaps and some shower gels are amazingly similar to real sperm in terms of consistency and colour. In addition, they also smell good and can be used to shower off after the “mess”.

• Wallpaper paste: Thanks to the main component of most wallpaper paste, methyl cellulose, they are also very similar to natural sperm in terms of consistency and appearance. Of course, the glue should be easy to wash off and not dry quickly.

Professionelle Sperma-Imitate

There are several ways to use everyday things to create a substance that is amazingly similar to real sperm. While the food-based imitations are also allowed in the mouth, neither condensed milk and piña colada nor wallpaper paste and soap have any place in the intimate area. If you want to use the artificial sperm vaginally, anally or with sex toys, then you should use professionally manufactured artificial sperm. This is a water-based gel that can also be used wonderfully as a lubricant. However, the disadvantage of these products is that they are not edible and therefore not suitable for oral sex. Meanwhile, another useful product for having fun with any kind of artificial sperm is a vinyl sheet, which is not only erotic, but can also be easily washed off. Especially with homemade artificial sperm you avoid such a mess.

The perfect artificial sperm for every need

Artificial semen sounds like a joke item at first – and it can undoubtedly also be used as a joke item. However, there are certainly areas in which artificial sperm can still be used. Especially in the erotic film industry, of course, but also for small private films, as a lubricant and to fulfill wild sex fantasies, whether alone, as a couple or in a group. Fortunately, there are various ways to imitate a man’s ejaculate in as much detail as possible. The consistency, the appearance and above all the taste are different, but you can definitely live out your fantasies with one of these variants – depending on what exactly you have in mind.

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