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Abstinence with a chastity belt is also becoming more and more popular outside of the BDSM scene. In the search for new sexual experiences, chastity fulfills a wide range of fantasies and desires. The chastity belt – also called Florentine – is nowadays a sex toy that is worn by both men and women for continence. In this article we clarify all questions about chastity and chastity belts. We go into the advantages of chastity and give tips on the fit and wearing time of a chastity belt.

Benefits of Chastity in Relationship

Chastity originally comes from the BDSM scene, in which submission plays an important and attractive role. In times of Fifty Shades of Gray, many fetish fantasies are socially acceptable and so abstinence attracts more and more couples. A chastity belt is a great toy and serves as an erotic accessory in role-playing games. However, most couples go further and enjoy the game of abstinence – one or even both partners live chastely for several days to weeks. If the chastity belt is worn for fun and both partners agree to chastity, a chastity belt can bring new erotic pleasure into the relationship and be a good introduction to the big, exciting world of BDSM. Forcing someone to wear a chastity belt, for example because of jealousy, is neither a solution to relationship problems nor allowed!

The advantages at a glance:

  • the desire for sex increases
  • during chastity, exciting fantasies arise that enhance sex life
  • Role-playing games between dom and sub make chastity an erotic experience
  • experience a more intense orgasm after abstinence
  • the chaste partner focuses more on their partner

What is a chastity belt and how does it work?

Most people know a chastity belt from stories of past centuries. Not much has changed in its form since then. The belt is a kind of slip made of leather or stainless steel, which is closed with a lock. If the belt is closed, the wearer no longer has access to the vagina or penis. Having sex with your partner and masturbating yourself are not possible without the right key. The key is usually kept by the partner. She has full control over her partner’s abstinence, which is why chastity belts are often classified as BDSM and fetish toys. Most models can be easily opened in emergency situations with a little force or even have an emergency opening – if this is activated, the lock cannot be closed again. If the chaste partner does not have a good reason for unbuckling the belt, he can expect a punishment for his misconduct. Access to the urethra and anus allows the wearer to go to the toilet at any time and thus wear the chastity belt continuously in everyday life.

Chastity belt for man and woman

How is a chastity belt worn?

The models of chastity belts differ only slightly for men and women. It has the shape of normal panties and is worn as such. There is usually a device for the lock on the front of the belt. The chastity belts for men also have a penis cage that completely encloses the penis. Penis cages can also be bought individually. However, the chastity belt has the additional advantage that the men cannot stimulate the testicles, perineum and anus either.

How are the models different?

The models differ in size and material. The belt sits on a very sensitive part of the body – the fit and material must therefore be good. Leather and stainless steel come into question as the material, whereby chastity belts made of stainless steel are usually worn more as an accessory. Many of the chastity belts are made of high quality leather. Cheap models made of plastic are strongly discouraged. On the one hand, the genital area should not constantly come into contact with inferior materials, on the other hand, chastity belts made of plastic chafe very quickly and injure the skin.

How do I find the right fit?

The chastity belt should fit perfectly, but still offer a few centimeters of play. When worn permanently, the material must be flexible in order not to restrict freedom of movement in everyday life. Chastity belts, which can be bought in different sizes in sex shops, are suitable for getting started and also as accessories in role-playing games. However, if you plan to wear a chastity belt permanently, you should consider investing in a custom-made one. These are mostly handmade, of the highest quality and they offer an absolutely comfortable fit.

Fit for women

When buying a chastity belt, women can use their normal clothing size as a guide. Since the chastity belt fits best when the straps rest on the hips, the hip circumference should be measured. When choosing the chastity belt, the wearer should also pay attention to a relatively large belt width, since a thin belt can quickly constrict. High-quality belts always have measurements that you can use as a guide. Especially for beginners it is helpful to choose a model that is equipped with adjustable fasteners.

Fit for men

For men, the hip belts should also sit loosely above the hips. With them, however, the exact fit on the penis cage is also an issue. To determine the size of the cage, the circumference at the base of the penis and the length of the penis are measured when the penis is flaccid. Then add about one centimeter to all measurements. This centimeter does not affect chastity, but makes it more comfortable to wear.

wearing time and acclimatization

Many couples use a chastity belt to keep their partner chaste for days to weeks. The chastity with a belt must be well planned – the chastity belt must not be closed in a spontaneous cloak and dagger action. 😉 Both women and men need an adjustment period that can last between 6-12 weeks. The skin in the genital area is very sensitive and must first get used to a foreign body. If you take the second step before you take the first step, you risk unpleasant abrasions and painful injuries.

First, the pubic hair should be thoroughly removed before each application. Getting small hairs caught can be very uncomfortable – especially if the key holder isn’t around to open the belt. The adjustment period extends over 6 phases and at least 6 weeks. If you determine in the respective phase that you are not yet ready for the next step, the phase can be individually extended:

1. Phase: In the first few days, you practice putting on and taking off the belt again and again. This is very important, because in an emergency situation everything should be right. During the first week it is possible to wear the chastity belt 2-4 hours a day – in order to get used to the wearing comfort, this should first be done at home. In addition, the key should always be at hand at the beginning.

2. Phase: In the following week it is already possible to wear the belt for 6-8 hours at a time. This is also where first trips outside can be made to deal with the feeling that someone might be looking – even if you can’t see anything under your clothes, you have to get used to the unfamiliar situation. But even in this phase you should not wear the belt at work or on long trips.

3. Phase: In the third week you can extend the wearing time to 10-12 hours a day. However, the chastity belt should not be worn every day.

4. Phase: In the fourth phase, the chastity belt is worn 12-14 hours a day, but not at night. Only at the end of the week at the weekend can you try out a wearing time of 24 hours for the first time.

5. Phase: In week 5 you start with the first erotic contacts. Men in particular have to learn to live with the feeling that the penis in the cage has no room for an erection. The partner can heat him up with hot fantasies or masturbation in front of his eyes. The belt can be worn every day, but is still removed for daily cleaning.

6. Phase: From this phase on, the chastity belt can be worn for up to 7 days at a time, if necessary. After that, at the latest, it must be completely removed for thorough cleaning.

Hygiene and cleaning of the chastity belt

Hygiene plays an important role in chastity. It would be best if you take off the belt once a day under the supervision of your partner to wash the vagina or penis and clean the belt. Women who are menstruating should avoid wearing them during this time if possible, as the menstrual blood does not drain through the access.

However, some couples would like to do without this thorough, daily cleaning and exclude touching and thus possible satisfaction. Then you can also shower with the belt on. The chastity belt is flushed with a firm shower jet through the existing small holes at the urinary outlet and anus. The belt must be completely removed and cleaned after 7 days at the latest.

Discover the world of chastity, which creates erotic fantasies and a new desire for sex in you. Most wearers are enthusiastic and no longer want to do without the regular game of abstinence. Feel the satisfaction after abstinence more intensely and live out new erotic fantasies in your partnership!

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