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Which sex shop is the best place to order sex toys? Here we have 3 reliable sex shops that tick all the boxes.

1. Fast delivery, the sender cannot be identified and the packaging is anonymous.

2. The sex shop is German, reliable and ordering is done in a safe way.

3. The prices are at a reasonable level, the products are of high quality, and the choice is wide enough.


  • 10 year guarantee
  • Neutral shipping
  • 365 days money back


  • Discreet packaging
  • Fast and safe delivery
  • Free returns

  • Shipping faster
  • 100 Day Money Back Promise
  • Delivery free of charge

Sex Toys FAQ

Why should I buy a sex toy?

A sex toy is a good way to discover your own sexuality and surprise your partner with new stimuli. In the solo game you can first experiment with different stimulations yourself and find out what you like.

You can build on these preferences with your partner by experimenting with new sexual stimuli together. In this way you can also refresh a slumbering sex life.

How to use sex toys

Sex toys can be used in different ways. Of course, it primarily depends on which toy you are experimenting with. Many toys, such as vibrators or masturbators, can enhance solo play, while other toys, such as handcuffs or love swings, are intended for shared play.

In the world of sex toys, you can let your fantasies run wild and experiment as you please. However, make sure you read the appropriate instructions to prevent sex accidents. In addition, when playing together, you should only use sex toys that both partners feel comfortable with.

How do you clean sex toys?

Most sex toys can be washed off with soap and water after use. If necessary, a special toy cleaner can also be used. Make sure to remove all residues after use and then allow the sex toy to dry completely. Otherwise, bacteria can form on the material, which can cause nasty infections in the intimate area.
After cleaning, you should store your sex toys in a light-protected and dry place.

Where can I buy sex toys?

We looked at numerous sex shops and selected the best for you. At Eis, Amorelie and Venize you will find a large selection of high-quality sex toys. In addition, shipping from these three sex shops is safe, fast and anonymous. You can find more information about these sex shops above.

Can I build sex toys myself?

Yes, you can also build some sex toys yourself. These include, for example, masturbators, love swings, whips, etc. It is best to look for instructions on the Internet for the toy you want and make sure that everything is safe. With love swings, for example, you have to pay attention to a stable frame to prevent accidents. For one-time use, homemade sex toys can be a fun experiment, but for regular use, it’s best to buy a quality sex toy.

The best sex toys for men



A Fleshlight is a masturbator disguised as an oversized flashlight. In addition, the inner material resembles real skin, which is what the word “flesh” in Fleshlight refers to.

This invention has been patented since 1998, but there are numerous brands that replicate this sex toy. The artificial skin feels like a real vagina.

For solo play, the man penetrates the opening and can bring himself to orgasm with up and down movements. The opening resembles either a vagina, an anus or a mouth.

Penis pump

As the name suggests, penis pumps are devices that can literally inflate the penis. The pump is slipped over the man’s member and “inflated” by motor or manually. So the man gets an erection in seconds. This can even help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Because the negative pressure of this device is guaranteed to make you hard. So that the penis does not go limp again after removal, it is also advisable to use the penis pump in connection with a penis ring.

Penis ring

A cock ring is a ring-shaped sex toy. This ring is usually worn at the end of the shaft. Due to the narrowness, the ring prevents the blood from flowing back in the aroused penis, which keeps the man aroused longer. This toy is mainly used for sex with a partner, as the man can last longer in bed with the help of the penis ring. And when he finally comes, the orgasm feels much more intense!

The best sex toys for women



Dildos are some of the most popular sex toys for women.

A dildo is an artificial representation of a male penis and can therefore be used for pleasurable hours of masturbation.

The dildo is pushed into the vagina or anus. Up and down movements can thus create a sex feeling.

Dildos come in different shapes, sizes and colors and should not be missing from any sex toy collection!

The vibrator

A vibrator is a sex toy that is controlled by a rechargeable battery and triggers vibrations at the push of a button or via a connecting cable. Dildos in particular are often converted into vibrators in order to generate more stimulation through the vibrations. However, there are vibrators in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They can be used vaginally, clitorally, anally or even on the penis.

love balls

Love balls are balls that strengthen the pelvic muscles. For this, two or three connected balls are inserted into the vagina. When walking, the balls collide and when standing, the pelvic muscles are required to hold the balls. But the balls are not only popular for pelvic floor training. As the name suggests, they can also be involved in lovemaking. Many women find it exciting to feel the balls in them. Some even wear the balls in everyday life.

In addition, the woman with a strengthened pelvic muscles can reach orgasm faster. And the male partner can also benefit from this pelvic floor training; a strong pelvic floor encloses it more tightly. This will surely make him hot! Find the best love balls for beginners.

The best sex toys for couples

Anal Plugs

Everyone has seen it before: the butt plug. But have you ever tried it? A butt plug not only provides an arousing feeling in your behind, but can also help you prepare for anal sex. In contrast to the vagina, the anus has to be stretched before you can penetrate it. And this can be achieved wonderfully with an anal plug.

But of course there are other ways to experiment with this toy. For example, some women like to wear a butt plug during sex so that they can be penetrated from both sides. And some people also like to wear butt plugs in everyday life to stretch their anus. Like almost all sex toys, butt plugs come in different sizes, colors and shapes, so there is something for everyone.

sex games

Sex games can help you in a playful way to breathe new life into your comedy. Sex toys can of course be used for this, but you can also include full-body massages with a happy ending or a masturbation show for your partner.
If you are willing to experiment, you can of course also dare to play BDSM games. Beginners can introduce dominance and submission into foreplay with handcuffs and a few light flogger smacks. There are no limits here; try it out and let your fantasies run wild!

sex dolls

Maybe you’ve seen this in a movie before? We’re talking about a sex doll! This is a doll (often even life-size) that provides her vaginal, anal, and mouth holes for your sexual satisfaction. But not only solo men can have fun with such a doll. Couples also often like this sex toy. You can playfully incorporate a threesome into the sex, or the woman can use the doll to show her partner how she would like to be satisfied. Of course there are also male love dolls that can be integrated into the love game!

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