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“He’s pointed” takes on a whole new meaning with a glans massage. Because here everything revolves around the TIP of the penis in the truest sense of the word. The glans is the man’s pleasure center – it is difficult for him to resist stimulation of it. With the right instinct you take his breath away. Learn the right technique and spoil your partner in the evening with a massage of a different kind.

Score with knowledge: Get to know his penis

A glans massage requires sensitivity and knowledge of the male genitalia. Any woman who has a little knowledge about the penis will drive her man crazy with a targeted glans massage. The penis consists of the base of the penis, the shaft of the penis and the tip of the penis. We want to pay special attention to the latter today, because the sensitive glans is at the top. The glans is traversed by numerous nerve endings, which is why men find it extremely pleasurable to touch it. The glans is surrounded by the foreskin, which retracts during an erection and allows a full view of the male pleasure object. The foreskin frenulum, also known as the frenulum or F-spot, is located on the underside of the glans. This point on the cavernous body can be compared to the female G-spot, because the F-spot also ensures an increased feeling of pleasure. Anyone who has been circumcised for medical or religious reasons no longer has a foreskin or frenulum. Every man is happy about a glans massage, but women usually have to be a bit more careful with circumcised men.

Glans massage: drive him crazy with the right technique

Whether it’s a lingam massage or a relaxation massage in the evening – rarely do men experience such inspiring feelings as with a glans massage. But this needs to be done with the right technology:

Handjob with a difference: Be the top star

Men love this type of manual work โ€“ the classic hand job is well suited for pleasurable stimulation in between. But with the glans massage, we completely ignore movements on the shaft of the penis and focus fully on the tip.

1st variant: Hold the penis shaft firmly in your hand and wait until it slowly becomes stiff. Now you begin to rub the tip of your thumb slowly and with light pressure over the glans. When the glans has reached its full splendor, run your thumb over it in a circular motion. You can use your index finger to touch the frenulum again and again – but be careful: the more you stimulate the foreskin frenulum, the faster it gets close to the high. Many men love it when you run your fingers along the glans. But here it all depends on individual taste: some can hardly hold back when the woman uses her fingernails, other men are too sensitive for it.

2nd variant: Drizzle one of your palms with some massage oil or lube. With the thumb and forefinger of the other hand you hold the best piece firmly. Now you slowly begin to stroke the tip of the penis in circular movements on the palm of your hand. This technique can be extended if necessary by circling the penis between your breasts instead of in the palm of your hand – the additional attractive sight will drive him insane.

Men like women who are always good for a surprise – at least when it comes to sex life! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So if you already have practice and want to surprise him with the glans massage, unpack your jewellery. Rings on the fingers, which you use to rub over the tip of the penis during the glans massage, offer a very special, additional attraction. You can be sure that he has never been so enthusiastic about your jewelry.

If he comes quickly during the glans massage, you can incorporate erotic punishments. Maybe he has to put a hand on you afterwards or you stop in the middle of the next glans massage as punishment and let him suffer a little.

A top class blowjob

Delight your partner with a glans massage combined with a blowjob. With this blowjob, you concentrate exclusively on the tip of the penis. First, suck on the glans with relish. Run your tongue along the edge of the glans and along the frenulum. Whether you swallow or not is of course up to you. So that you too can enjoy the glans massage to the fullest, you choose the 69 position, in which he can also pamper you intensively.

Vaginal and anal pleasures: Massage the glans with pleasure

Advanced users know what to do: If you can control your vaginal muscles, you will give your partner an unforgettable experience with this vaginal massage. In the rider position you take full control. Insert only the tip of the penis into the vagina. Then tense your vaginal muscles and let them loose again. You can do light up and down movements. If he stimulates your clitoris at the same time, you will both experience an unforgettable orgasm. You can train the vaginal muscles with the help of targeted pelvic floor training and love balls. In many sexual practices, strong muscles increase the likelihood that women will have an orgasm.

The back door can also be used for the glans massage. Here the partner can not only relax, but must actively participate. Invite the tip of his penis into your back door, but make it a rule that he can really only insert the tip. Now you can massage the anus muscles here or allow the tip of the penis to slide in and out slowly. If the lust overcomes him and he penetrates your anus completely, you can also incorporate small punishments here – after all, a deal is a deal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What should be considered with a glans massage?

1. It has to be moist
The glans is very sensitive. Normally it is protected by the foreskin. However, since this retracts in the erect state, the glans is completely exposed. If the glans is exposed to the air for too long, the skin becomes dry and touching becomes uncomfortable. If you perform the glans massage with your mouth, the spit is usually enough to keep the glans moist. A flavored lubricant can be pleasant. During a hand massage, you should never do without a lubricant or a moisturizing massage oil.

  • Lubricant Cheeky moisturizer

    Lubricant Cheeky moisturizer

  • durex lubricant with heat effect

    durex lubricant with heat effect

  • Lubricant Cheeky moisturizer

    Lubricant Cheeky moisturizer

  • durex lubricant with heat effect

    durex lubricant with heat effect

2. Caution with pierced and circumcised penises
If your partner has a so-called Prince Albert piercing (a piercing located right next to the frenulum) or if he is circumcised, you need to be particularly careful with the glans massage. Piercing or circumcision makes the penis very sensitive. Carefulness has absolute priority. Only when you notice that he is not in pain can you proceed a little harder.

3. Everyone is individual
Always remember: what one man likes, the next might not like at all. With the glans massage, it is important, especially at the beginning, to feel your way forward. If you always keep an eye on your partner, you will quickly notice where he loves the massage and where he doesn’t. After a few glans massages, you’ll know exactly how to quickly wrap it around your fingers and tongue. Then you can bring in little gimmicks. The only thing that is the same for all men: After the massage, let go of the glans and penis. Don’t make the mistake of continuing to massage right after ejaculation – men are often particularly sensitive and don’t like direct stimulation after ejaculation.

Top focus masturbation

A better half is not always at hand for an extensive glans massage. Do it yourself is the motto. The above tips for the hand job can also be implemented wonderfully on your own. We also recommend beginners who don’t know what they like about a glans massage to explore on their own first. This hand job with tip focus can be supported with sex toys that are designed for stimulating the tip of the glans and massage the glans wonderfully with their vibrations.

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