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Can rattles on can? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Girls among themselves rock the box just like hetero couples, softer or harder, depending on taste and shape of the day. In principle there is only one difference, namely the natural tail. Of course there isn’t. You can read here why that doesn’t bother a lady and what’s going on instead!


Manual stimulation, fingers, erotic massage. That’s not sex! Yet. Sex isn’t just stuffed in, almost all women see it that way, no matter who they go to bed with.

The outer genital area, i.e. the labia, clitoris and perineum, leads most effectively to orgasm anyway for the majority of women. And that’s not all: if you don’t have a special sex toy at hand, the next best thing is to reach the female G-spot with your fingers.

Oral sex

We know from countless erotic films that lesbians like to lick. And it’s true. And we also know from the hetero world that this brings a whole series of orgasms!

Oral sex is something incredibly intimate and the human tongue is also equipped with the most sensitive sensory cells. It also offers various usable areas. A velvety tip, a rough top. Whether men or women, no matter who owns the tongue, no other part of the body can be stimulated in such a targeted manner.


Useful sex knowledge: Tribady is ancient Greek and describes the rubbing of the genitals on the partner’s body. A generally effective sex technique. Lesbians have the enormous advantage that they can even stimulate clit to clit, not just clitoris on thighs, on stomach, on …

Boob Job

… Breast! Here we are with another type of game. What the inclined straight man knows as Spanish sex or boob job is of course also available in the “ladies only” variant. Because in most lesbian bedrooms, the breasts also play a major role. And not only in the sense that they are caressed and nipples are stimulated: a hard nipple has already sent many a clitoris into ecstasy.

Strap On Sex

Fucking with harness and dildo. Why do lesbians do this? You don’t want a penis, do you? Not correct! Just because a woman is into women doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel like vaginal penetration from time to time. So give me the sex toy.

Of course, that can also be guided by hand, but a strap-on allows for a wide variety of sex positions. From close proximity with eye contact and kissing height to hard distance doggy style – all while still keeping your hands free.


Every heterosexual knows it: one is toiling away, one is holding on to the sheet. It can also happen with lesbians, but it is rather rare. Because there are no fixed roles that result from the anatomy. So the responsibilities are diligently changed, each one is sometimes active, sometimes passive. Sometimes more is given, in the next moment the pampering program is enjoyed.

And one more luxury: The shared orgasm is not the only non plus ultra. Instead of panting after it and adapting to the partner’s pace, a lesbian doesn’t mind at all calmly surrendering first to one and then to the other arousal curve. And there are no physical limitations either – a dildo is always available, fingertips and tongues can take a long time…

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