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ICE Packaging – Is it a discreet package?

Does EIS have discreet packaging? What we discovered may make you happy!

Are you asking yourself “does EIS have discreet packaging?” because you want to try one of these new pressure wave vibrators or are you ready to order your next masturbator? Most likely you are hovering over the virtual shopping cart and want to click through and make a purchase. But with that comes a series of questions.

For example, how discreet is the EIS packaging or does EIS show up on my credit card statement?

Rest assured we’re here to answer those burning questions so you can order that new sex toy and not worry about how discreet EIS is.

Is EIS packaging discreet?

Are you uncomfortable ordering sex toys, dildos, vibrators, etc.? As it says on the page: Then just choose a different sender who doesn’t reveal your small but nice secret! On request, our packages can come in completely neutral packaging from Bielefeld. Below are a few examples:

Ice Cream Packaging - Is it a discreet package?
Ice Cream Packaging - Is it a discreet package?

Payment and Shipping Information. If in doubt, you can ring the neighbor’s bell.

With the EIS you have the complete choice of all common payment methods on the Internet to pay for your goods. That means you can safely and easily by:

  • invoice
  • hire purchase
  • Instantly.
  • Direct debit (up to 80 euros order value)
  • Payment in advance (up to 500 euros order value)
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express

With Klarna you have a particularly secure partner for payment processing. Shopping with Klarna is not only safe, but also easy – no additional registration is required.

With the most popular and fastest payment method “direct debit” and “credit card”, EIS ensures absolute discretion:

With the payment method “Debit charge” identify itself as the company name with “Triple A Sales GmbH” and as the subject of your invoice number.

With the payment method “Credit card” will appear on your monthly credit card statement as the company name „EIS” of course shown without the internet address, as no other information is possible here for billing reasons. They point out that the account details you specified or your credit card will be debited promptly after the order has been received.

delivery time

Shipping at usually takes 3-5 working days. Your sparkling mail is therefore no longer than a week on the way. However, at peak times such as Christmas, the festival of love, you should order a few weeks in advance so that your package arrives on time.

What do EIS customers say?

You can read customer reviews of on the Internet, for example at, as with any online mail order company. Regarding the delivery time, you read statements like “surprisingly fast”, “within the specified delivery time” or that it can take a little longer at busy times like Christmas (but that’s to be expected). Even if the items ordered cannot be delivered, they can sometimes arrive in less than two weeks. If in doubt, use the tracking option.

With whom does EIS ship?

From an order value of 69.96 euros including the statutory sales tax, EIS even deliver free of charge. EIS ship exclusively with the “Hermes Logistik Gruppe”.

After your shipment has been electronically announced and handed over to Hermes, you will receive a confirmation by email including shipment information, which you can use to track the package on the official Hermes website.

Shipping to a packing station

Shipping to a “Packstation” is therefore unfortunately not possible. However, you have the option of having your parcel delivered to a “parcel shop”. You can find the nearest “parcel shop” on the “Hermes Logistik Gruppe” website.

I want to pick up the goods directly from the warehouse. Is the?

Unfortunately that is not possible. For processing reasons, EIS asks you to order the desired goods via their online shop. The description of how to get there in your imprint has been created for discussion partners (suppliers, applicants, etc.).

If I order something, will I receive spam emails from EIS?

Okay, we’ve pretty much answered the most important question: “Does EIS have discreet packaging?” But another relatively important question remains, and one we all worry about is getting spam in our inboxes when we order from someone online. Is that different with EIS? Will you get spam on EIS?

If you have subscribed to their newsletter, you reserve the right to use selected data via an external newsletter service provider to send the newsletter.

More about data protection

On the website it says: “For the only informational use of our website, it is generally not necessary for you to provide personal data. In some cases, however, we require such data from you:

• at the order
• when you contact us
• when using the protected area “customer account”
• Subscribe to / unsubscribe from the newsletter
• in the referral / affiliate program

If you want to read more about data protection, you can click here.

The Final Verdict: Is It Safe To Order From EIS?

So does EIS have discreet packaging? In my opinion, yes!

Unfortunately it was disappointing to have the name EIS appear on your credit card or bank statement.

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