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Outdoor sex – what could be more exciting? For many of the older generations in particular, it is already considered wicked to have fun together in places outside of the bedroom at home. You can think for yourself what they would say about sex outdoors. But that is exactly what makes lovemaking in the open air so exciting: it is considered immoral, may even be forbidden, and almost everyone would like to try it out. But most don’t dare. We say: Get out into the fresh air – get out of your clothes! And we’ll give you a few tips on where sex outdoors works without any problems, what you should pay attention to and which sex positions are particularly recommended.

car sex

Let’s take things slow first. Of course, you’re not really outdoors in the car. But you’re not really inside either. So the car is the perfect in-between stage and a good place to start slowly getting into outdoor sex. Whether at an abandoned rest area, on a forest path or for a lot of excitement in a quiet side street in the city: When choosing the place, you should make sure that it is as unvisited as possible and that you are not directly visible. If you want to be on the safe side, you can black out the car windows. There is usually not enough space in the driver’s and passenger’s seat, so it’s best to go to the back seat and enjoy the sex with a certain excitement kick. Perhaps the best sex position for this situation is the rider position. She sits on top of him, keeping control and allowing him to penetrate deep into her.

Bonus tip: If you don’t feel like you’re being watched, you can continue the action on the hood. She either sits on the hood or bends over it and lets herself be pampered doggy style.

Sex im Wald

A little time in the woods is even more exciting than sex in the car. Depending on where you live, you look for the nearest forest on foot or by car and take a leisurely stroll through it. When you’re a good way into the forest, you should have complete privacy – much more than in the bedroom of many a flat, by the way. Then find a small deserted clearing with a lot of moss growing on it, and let the fun begin. There are almost no limits to your imagination when it comes to the best sex position. The use of a picnic blanket is not absolutely necessary, but damn comfortable. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere, the animal sounds, don’t let a few ants or bugs throw you off – and if you’ve chosen a really secluded spot, then you can also scream out your lust while making love.

Sex im Park

With the noises you can make, things are a little different in the city park. Finding a secluded spot in most parks is not easy, especially during the day. But if you have chosen the perfect spot between two bushes, then you can let yourself go. At least until you get noticed. In this case you should not undress completely – skirts, dresses and shorts are an advantage – and ideally you should also think about an escape route directly. There is always a risk of being discovered in the park. But that’s exactly what makes this location so exciting.

Sex am Strand

Summer, sun, sand: the hormones have a particularly clear say on vacation at the beach. Far away from all everyday worries, you finally have time for each other – and for extensive sex. However, it does not have to be limited to hotel rooms or holiday apartments. Especially the beach is an exciting place to make the vacation even more unforgettable. It’s not without reason that one of the most popular cocktails is named after sex on the beach. Everyone should have had this experience at least once in their life. A common argument against sex on the beach is – of course – all the sand. The simple solution: a nice big beach blanket. Small hidden coves are particularly suitable for privacy. And probably even nicer than during the day is such an adventure at night under millions of stars. An unforgettable experience!

Sex in the lake or in the sea

Where there is a beach, there is also a sea. Or at least a lake. Both waters can also mean a hot adventure. However, there are a few things to keep in mind with this wet and happy pleasure: First of all, dangerous bacteria can get into the vagina during sex. If you feel pain, you should go to the doctor immediately in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, water doesn’t work as a lubricant at all. So let’s take it slow. And you can also forget about using a condom under water. Nevertheless: A shared bath, tightly embraced and dressed at most in a bikini and swimming trunks, can be a hot experience, and not just in the imagination. But there are a few points to consider.

sex on the balcony

Finally, another location somewhere between indoors and outdoors: the balcony at home. Depending on the situation, it can of course happen that you are being observed. It is therefore best to hang a blanket over the railing, lay out the floor comfortably and enjoy sex in the fresh air to the fullest. Both your sex positions and the noise level that you are allowed to cause depend heavily on where your balcony is located. Depending on what kind of kick you want, you can of course let your imagination run wild.

The perfect toys for outdoor sex

You may not have as much time under the wide open sky as you do in your bedroom at home to try out your latest sex toys for couples. The great appeal of outdoor sex lies in the rush and tension. Some sex toys can also make lovemaking in the fresh air even more exciting and beautiful. Imagine, for example, that the two of you are strolling through the park, she has inserted a vibrating egg or vibrating love balls before the walk – and he has power over the associated remote control. The air will be crackling long before you have found a cozy spot behind the bushes.

You can also use particularly small toys without any problems, such as a finger vibrator, the Womanizer Starlet or a penis ring. If outdoor sex is no longer new to you, then you can also incorporate sexy handcuffs into your lovemaking, with which he can tie her – or she can tie him – to a branch, for example. In this case, however, you should always have the key ready in case you have to disappear quickly.

Outdoor Sex: Wicked! But also forbidden?

Sex in nature, on the balcony or in your own car – wonderful! But also legal? First of all, it depends heavily on the country in which you are staying. In some parts of the world, sanctions for nudity and sexual activity in public are ridiculously harsh. So before your next holiday, it is better to find out more before you venture out on an erotic adventure in the open air. In Germany, the legal situation is as follows: “Causing a public nuisance” is a misdemeanor and can result in fines and theoretically imprisonment of up to one year. However, if the “act” is classified as “nuisance to the general public” and thus as an administrative offence, you can expect a fine of up to 1000 euros. So try not to arouse public anger with your hot games – and the public is surprisingly quick to anger -, pay attention to your surroundings and those around you, and be quick enough to get out of the affair unobtrusively if the worst comes to the worst to be able to pull. Arousal is beautiful in sex, but arousal in a public nuisance less so.

And now: Let’s go on an adventure!

We worked our way from our own apartment to the car, from there to the forest, to the city park, to vacation and back to our own balcony. Outdoor sex can mean many things. However, all these places have in common that they offer you a change from everyday sex. Outdoor shepherd’s hours bring momentum to your love life and you may even get to know completely new sides of each other. All you need is a little adventurous spirit, maybe a blanket, an electrifying little sex toy – and a suitable location. The potential penalties that legislators have set for outdoor sex may seem daunting, but they might just make things more interesting for you. Besides, it doesn’t have to be spontaneous sex in the city park in broad daylight. Even outdoor places like your own garden or balcony can be adventure enough.

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