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Pelvic floor training is only for women? – Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Men also benefit from a strong pelvic floor. Poor posture, sitting too much every day, or prostate surgery can cause a man’s pelvic floor to sag. With targeted pelvic floor training with exercises designed for men’s needs, you can achieve a stronger erection and a more attractive appearance. So dear men, get to the pelvic floor exercises and into a fulfilling sex life!

The positive effects of pelvic floor training

The muscle group located in the lower part of the abdomen is called the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscle, or PC muscle (PC is the slightly misleading abbreviation for pubococcygeus muscle), is funnel-shaped and stabilizes the organs in the abdomen. He is essentially responsible for the continence and potency of men. When the muscles contract, the pelvic floor muscles hold the urine back in the bladder. Relaxing controls urination, sphincter relaxation, and intercourse. The pelvic floor is a muscle that can be specifically trained. A strengthened pelvic floor musculature has two advantages:

1. Better posture:

The pelvic floor gives stability to the center of the body. Training your pelvic floor strengthens your muscles. This leads to better posture and increased physical performance, which is also noticeable during sex. The improved posture of the upper body has an attractive effect on those around you – so if you are still looking for a partner, you should try targeted pelvic floor exercises. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Increased stamina and better erection

The bladder can primarily be controlled via the pelvic floor muscles. Older men in particular who have problems with incontinence due to an enlarged prostate can prevent this through increased training. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can already have a positive effect as a preventive measure.

If you concentrate on the “muscles” in the penis during training, you can control your erection more precisely: trained men are able to tense the muscles around the penis in a controlled manner. This allows them to specifically induce an erection and keep it longer during sex. The training also has a positive effect on the stability and hardness of the penis. Through targeted pelvic floor training, men with impotence can also increase their ability to have an erection. Erectile dysfunction is often associated with circulatory disorders in the erectile tissue. Exercising the muscles in the pelvis also stimulates blood circulation.

A notice: Anyone who performs pelvic floor exercises because of erection problems should consult a doctor at the latest if there is no improvement in sexuality in the next few weeks. He can find out the cause and suggest a suitable therapy.

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Pelvic floor exercises for men: exercises and instructions

The muscles in the pelvic floor are like any other muscle in the body. For stronger muscles, training must be regular. A daily training session of 15 minutes is recommended. In addition, the muscles in the pelvic floor do not grow in a few days – it can take weeks or months for the muscles to be trained regularly until the first successes are felt. An important part of any exercise is breathing. Controlling your own breathing is essential for successful training of the PC muscle. Breathing must not be held even in phases of tension. Therefore, a relaxed, deep inhalation and a targeted exhalation should first be trained. As soon as one of these exercises is practiced shortly before sexual intercourse, the man benefits – and so does his partner ๐Ÿ˜‰ โ€“ from a very stiff penis with stamina. However, this targeted retrieval of the erection is a matter of training. The training effect will only set in after some time – no pressure should be exerted on yourself.

Exercise 1: Pelvic floor training while lying down

In the beginning, training the pelvic floor muscles consists of noticing your own pelvic floor. Only when you feel your own pelvic floor can the exercises be carried out in a targeted and clean manner. Training while lying down is best for feeling the pelvic floor.

To discover the pelvic floor, first lie on your back and bend your legs so that your knees point towards your stomach. In this position you take several deep breaths and feel the muscles gradually relax. Men can feel their pelvic floor best in the perineal area – between the testicles and the anus. In this position, the buttock muscles are tightened and the anus is pinched together. This is similar to the feeling of holding back the urge to urinate. This tension is held for a few seconds before the muscles are relaxed again. This exercise is repeated several times. You can use your finger to feel on the perineum when the pelvic floor is tense and when it is relaxed.

Exercise 2: Pelvic floor training while standing

Standing pelvic floor training is great for beginners. Especially if the exercise is first performed naked in front of the mirror. For the standing exercise, open your legs shoulder-width apart. Now the pelvic floor muscles are tightened. This tension feels like stopping urination. The testicles rise slightly during this exercise and the penis curves slightly – this can be observed in the mirror. This exercise is repeated several times. The contraction phase and the relaxation phase are both about 5 seconds.

Another exercise is pulling back the glans. During this exercise, the man imagines that he could pull the glans into the abdomen. For this pelvic floor exercise, 8-10 repetitions are intended with breaks for contraction and relaxation.

Exercise 3: Sitting pelvic floor training

This exercise can be easily incorporated into everyday life. In this exercise, the man sits on the chair. Legs should be slightly apart and feet flat on the floor. Your glutes should now be completely relaxed. In this position, the pelvic floor muscles are tightened, but the buttocks and abdominal muscles remain as relaxed as possible. This tension is held for 5 seconds. Then follows a relaxation of 5 seconds. With regular training, the time of tension can be increased to 10-15 seconds.

Exercise 4: Pelvic floor training while urinating

Pelvic floor training is often associated with the idea of โ€‹โ€‹stopping while urinating. Anyone who finds this difficult to imagine is best trained directly on the toilet. At first, the man can urinate normally. Shortly before the end, an attempt is made to hold back the stream of urine. The pelvic floor tightens. This exercise cannot be repeated as often as the other pelvic floor exercises. Care should always be taken not to retain any of the urine at the end.

We appeal to men: train the muscles in the pelvic floor in a targeted manner! Pelvic floor training brings many health benefits and a stronger erection. If you want to train the stiffness of your penis and stamina in a natural way, you can’t avoid pelvic floor training. Due to the increased performance, top athletes also train their pelvic floor. So dear men: In addition to the biceps, just train the pelvic floor! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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