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Sex practices change over time. This is because a society finds certain things less bad or lewd. The prime example of this might be anal sex. Back then, anal sex was decried as an unsanitary practice that very few people were interested in. Nowadays it is clear that anal sex can be very exciting and pleasurable because the anal area also has many nerve endings that are stimulated during anal intercourse. A sexual interest in this area should therefore be quite normal!

Anal sex is getting more and more interesting

A study shows that the interest in anal sex is generally pronounced. According to a survey with many participants, about 60 percent of the men surveyed have fantasies of having anal sex. About every third woman thinks similarly. So it can be said that this formerly “wicked” practice has entered our sexual consciousness. Still, at least that’s how it seems to me when I talk about it with acquaintances and friends, not that many people have anal sex. That’s why we at ORION basically ask ourselves how things are with you?

Have you had anal intercourse yet?

Are you one of those people who massage in the anal lubricant without any problems, stretch it out and then it’s off?! Or are you rather a bit more inhibited? It’s better not to try it out, because a little mess can happen or because you’re just not that interested in the whole thing? It doesn’t matter whether you have had passive or active sex experiences – we want to know from you whether you have had anal sex before. So share your experiences in the answers below! Make sure that you give your answers with the correct gender. 😉

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