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A prostate massage is an absolute highlight for many men. The prostate is also called the “male G-spot” and, with the right technique, can trigger an explosive orgasm without having to stimulate the penis. This type of massage is not new – the prostate massage has been part of the tantra massage for a long time and also causes enthusiasm there.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you how to integrate prostate sex into your masturbation or lovemaking with your partner. We will go into the indirect massage via the perineum and the direct massage via the anus. Of course, we also present suitable aids that facilitate and intensify the prostate massage.

The sexual inclination plays no role in the prostate massage – the prostate stimulation is incredibly pleasant for every man and increases desire. So, dear men: you have waited long enough! Try the prostate massage and let yourself be completely convinced – we already are! 😉

The male prostate: functions and location

The prostate is a prostate gland that lies in the body between the bladder and the pelvic floor. The chestnut-sized sexual organ has an important task: it produces the so-called prostate secretion, which makes up part of the sperm and makes it capable of surviving. The prostate can be felt through the anus. To do this, the finger, which should point in the direction of the abdominal wall, is inserted about 5-7 centimeters into the rectum. The prostate is a spot that feels wobbly and can therefore be found relatively quickly.

The massage of the prostate is incredibly exciting for men. A prostate massage is not only used as an erotic massage, but also has a medical purpose. The therapeutic prostate massage is mainly used for benign enlargement or inflammation of the prostate, but is also considered a preventive measure for certain physical disorders. So dear men, if you want to have a healthy prostate and experience intense feelings at the same time, you shouldn’t do without this massage!

Preparation for prostate stimulation

There are two reasons for thorough preparation for the upcoming prostate massage: On the one hand, you ensure sufficient hygiene in advance and, on the other hand, you relax your anus during the conscious preparation for this sexual practice. A relaxed anus is a prerequisite for a pleasant prostate massage if it is done directly over the anus. Beginners in particular should only start the prostate massage via the anus when they are really relaxed. If the sphincter is cramped, penetration can be associated with pain.

Thorough cleaning is important for both partners before anal stimulation. An intimate douche not only ensures hygiene. The warm water and the first contact at the back door reduce excitement and relax the sphincter. The intimate showers are available as a single sex toy or as a direct attachment for the shower. Of course, cleaning your hands is also important.

In general, the prostate massage is much more pleasant if it is carried out with lubricant. The lubricating gel is not absolutely necessary for the indirect massage, but many men find it relaxing. A lubricating gel is essential for a direct massage over the anus. The lubricant makes it easier for the finger or sex toy to penetrate the anus. Anal lubricants stay moist longer and are therefore better suited for anal stimulation. If you use a sex toy or condom, you absolutely have to use a water-based lubricant. So-called “relaxation gels” lightly numb the anus and relax the sphincter.

Prostate massage without tools: Indirect and direct stimulation

The prostate massage can be part of masturbation or practiced in lovemaking with the partner. The prostate can be massaged from the outside via an indirect massage and from the inside via the anus. Which of these types of massage you choose is a matter of taste:

Indirect massage: perineal massage for beginners

The indirect prostate massage is particularly suitable for beginners. In particular, partners who have not yet enjoyed prostate stimulation will start with this type of prostate massage. Viewed from the outside, the prostate lies in the body between the testicles and anus behind the so-called perineum. If this is massaged with pressure, the man can reach orgasm without further stimulation. However, many men find a combination of prostate massage and glans massage particularly arousing. Massaging the testicles at the same time can also increase desire and improve the sexual experience.

To stimulate this erogenous zone, slowly stroke the perineum with pressure. It starts at the anus and slowly works your way up to the testicles. This can be part of masturbation or foreplay where the partner does the massage. The partner can also massage the perineum during sex. With double penetration of the prostate and glans, men experience an unexpectedly intense orgasm.

For men who have not tried this type of stimulation themselves, both partners should talk about how the man is feeling during the massage. Not everyone finds the massage pleasant. But as the saying goes: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” – so dear women, if you want to surprise your partner, plan a little massage the next time you make love.

Direct massage: Advanced users dare to use the back door

With the direct massage, the prostate is stimulated via the anus. This type of prostate massage is much more intense than perineal massage. If you have not yet had any anal experience, anal stimulation will initially take some effort. Therefore, a direct prostate massage starts slowly with a massage around the anus. Lubricant should definitely not be missing with this type of penetration. If the man is relaxed, the finger can wander to the anus. You stroke the entrance with your finger and then carefully insert it into the back door. The finger should be slightly curved when inserted and point towards the abdominal wall. If the man likes it, three different types of massage can now follow:

  1. Light massage for beginners: If you come across the wobbly genitals, you can first gently circle the prostate with your finger. This stimulation alone can have an incredibly stimulating and arousing effect on men who are experiencing a prostate massage for the first time.
  2. “Come Here Movement”: The most common type of massage is the “Come Here” movement. Once you have reached the prostate, you make a slight “come here” movement with the inserted finger, also called ringing. You alternately exert pressure on the prostate and release it again.
  3. Massage with several fingers: If you like anal stimulation, you can add a second finger. If the index and middle fingers are inserted, the prostate can get in a “fix”. To do this, the prostate is stimulated on the left and right side with one finger each. Again, the pressure can be varied here.

Masturbation with a direct prostate massage is more difficult than indirect stimulation, but it is also possible with a little sensitivity. However, it is more relaxed when the partner takes over the job as a masseur. This can be part of foreplay or lovemaking.

The direct P-point massage has its erotic origin mainly in the BDSM area. In this, P-point stimulation is used to “milk” the man’s prostate. The man ejaculates without feeling a real orgasm. Depending on the type of prostate massage, the man may or may not feel pleasure during this forced ejaculation.

Prostate massage with tools

Many men have already recognized that the prostate massage is a pleasurable sex practice. Therefore, there are corresponding sex toys in different versions on the market, which facilitate the stimulation of the P-spot during masturbation and intensify it even more with vibrations or grooves.

Anal plugs and dildos

Beginners use anal plugs or dildos. These are usually relatively narrow, so that insertion into the anus is comfortable. Depending on the model, the sex toys are equipped with an additional perineum stimulus bar, which, in addition to direct stimulation, also penetrates the prostate indirectly via the perineum. If you are looking for simultaneous touches on the penis shaft, you can use a combination of anal plug and penis ring. If you like this type of stimulation, it is also possible to wear the anal plug for several hours in everyday life – nobody will notice the pleasure you feel throughout the day. 😉

P-spot vibrators

The P-point vibrators stimulate the prostate with pleasant vibrations in different levels. The shaft of the vibrators varies in width, so that everyone can find their perfect size. These sex toys can also be equipped with an additional perineum stimulator. For particularly exciting evenings in the bedroom, there are vibrators with a remote control, where the partner can determine the strength of the vibrations.

Anal sex toys with grooves

Some men like it when the vibrator only gradually unfolds its full size. Among the anal toys there are therefore exciting models with grooves. With every groove that penetrates the anus, the man’s lust increases. Depending on your needs, these toys come with or without an integrated vibrator.

Massage stick for indirect massage

Most prostate stimulation sex toys are inserted rectally for direct massage. With a massager, only the perineum can be pampered with intense vibrations. A massage stick is a versatile sex toy. The massage stick also provides intense tingling on other erogenous zones of the body in women and men.

The male prostate is a sensitive sex organ. With the right massage technique, men experience a particularly intense high-altitude flight during prostate stimulation. Anyone who has never tried the P-point massage before should definitely do so. Most men who have experienced a prostate orgasm no longer want to do without this intensive massage. Anal stimulation is new territory for beginners – don’t be discouraged if you don’t have an orgasm the first time. As always, practice makes perfect – next time change the massage technique or use a sex toy to help – over time you’ll get the hang of it and you can massage yourself or your partner with relish.

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