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Most couples don’t even think about having sex after pregnancy until the time comes. Why should you even think about it? Even when the offspring has seen the light of day and the female body regenerates, everything should go as before, shouldn’t it?! No, because unfortunately it’s not that simple. the Having a child has far-reaching consequences for the parents’ sexuality, than one might initially assume. We clarify the most important questions for you…

What changes after pregnancy?

It should be obvious that childbirth, at least in the short term, great influence on the female body Has. The vagina is stretched considerably at birth. In addition, it regularly happens that an episiotomy has to be made and this is sewn up again. Other birth injuries can also occur. In addition, the uterus must first recede, which takes several weeks. In addition, it is usually not only the vagina that changes in the short term. After the child is out, some skin remains on the stomach. Many women find this unsightly and uncomfortable in their bodies. In summary, these do not bode well for having sex.*(Study 1)

Mood change in mother

During pregnancy and childbirth, it changes hormone release of the female body. During pregnancy, the placenta produces a lot of estrogen, the female sex hormone. Production stops when the baby is born. Only comparatively little estrogen is produced, which also has a negative effect on the feeling of pleasure. After giving birth, many women complain of mood swings, also known as “baby blues”, which can be traced back to the hormonal changes.

How does childbirth affect sex life in the first few weeks?

It should be clear what will change in the long term: there are no longer two of you, but three of you. In the beginning this means one thing: Stress! You can’t let the baby out of your sight and you have to find your way around the situation yourself. It will always be close to you during the day and needs attention at night too. lack of sleep with the parents is therefore inevitable. This has two main consequences for your sex life. First, you will think of many things, except probably sex. This is especially true for women. Men feel the urge to have sex again relatively quickly after childbirth – of course, they weren’t physically involved as much as their partner. However, women have to find themselves in a completely new way – physically and psychologically. On a biological level, they have a deeper bond with their child than the father. That’s why the baby is the priority and the man has to be patient.

Create space for privacy

Second, when you both feel like having sex, it’s not as easy to get started as you used to. Because the offspring is very likely to be in your area and should not notice anything about your mutual intimate relationship. That’s why you have to Six the plan, create space and strike when the moment comes. With so much planning, you first have to manage that you still feel the desire for sex and that you don’t lose desire again.

What should be considered before having sex for the first time after childbirth?

But if you’re both able to pull it off and want to get started again for the first time, there are a few things to consider that you didn’t have to consider before. First of all, you should ask yourself when you can have sexual intercourse for the first time after giving birth. Because, as already mentioned, the female body needs time to regenerate. Doctors therefore recommend that your at least four to six weeks waits for penetration again. Especially if the man can’t wait and she feels like satisfying him, oral sex and manual labor are suitable first. If she also wants sex again and the six weeks have not yet passed, you can try it. But she should definitely listen to her body and stop when in pain. A lubricating gel can be used to help keep the vagina lubricated. If you were born by caesarean section, the time also applies to you. Such surgical procedures can even make the pain last longer during sex – so be prepared! The man should in any case use condomsince at this time there is still an increased risk of infection, especially if the weekly flow has not yet stopped.

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An unusual atmosphere

What else changes when you have sex for the first time after pregnancy? Not only the physical, because also between the two partners some things are different than before. Both will be more excited since it’s “first time after”. Both know about it and both know that the other knows. This creates a comical atmosphere. However, that shouldn’t be a big problem. You should be yourselves in the first place time take for each other and with much patience approach the matter. In addition, you should not have too high expectations, because they tend to have negative consequences for what follows.

You can try to steer the atmosphere back into more erotic tracks. For this purpose, it makes sense to get closer to each other physically without being out for sex. In a heated room with the lights dimmed, start massaging each other. If you are already further and want more, you can bewitch yourself in the style of an erotic massage.

How does the first sex feel afterwards?

Don’t be surprised if it’s not just the physical that has changed slightly. It may well be that she wants it differently than men are used to. One can only guess why that is (the hormones certainly play a role in this). But many men report it after having sex more regularly after having their first child. You should also know one more thing that both women and men are afraid of after the birth of their first child: There is a persistent rumor that the vagina “stretches” during childbirth. While it’s true that it needs to expand like it’s probably never done before, the body has the ability to accommodate it to narrow again as well. This regeneration process of the vagina begins within the first few hours after birth. After a few weeks, she has almost completely returned to her previous state.

How it gets “tighter” again…

Many men don’t even realize that anything about the vagina has changed. In addition, women can actively help for faster regeneration. It will be given in hospitals or by midwives Postnatal gymnastics courses offered, which are very helpful for vaginal recovery. With love balls you can also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to become “tighter”. If you specifically tense and relax the pelvic floor muscles during sex, he has the feeling of being more tightly enclosed. 😉

Can sexual reluctance occur after childbirth?

However, what poses a problem for many couples is a step before having sex for the first time. It is not uncommon for women to have no desire for sex even several weeks after giving birth and feel no desire for it at all. *(Study 2) Life now primarily revolves around the offspring. The partner has to give up for this. You should understand that as a partner and show understanding for it. But if you absolutely can’t take it anymore, you two should talk about it. Communication is your most important tool in this phase. use it!

How and when do you use contraception after childbirth?

If you have fewer problems with it and things start to heat up again after just a few weeks, one thing should be clear to you: if you don’t want a second child right away, you must prevent. This also applies if the menstrual period has not yet started again! Many women are of the opinion that it is then impossible to get pregnant. That’s not the case! There is also the misconception that you cannot get pregnant again while breastfeeding. This is also a myth. Although the body releases more prolactin than usual, which tends to inhibit fertility, this does not mean that the increased release is sufficient for contraception. As much prolactin as would be needed for this is not released. So think about the right contraceptive method – e.g. E.g. condoms.

How do you deal with the situation as a man?

Since the articles on the subject of “Sex & Pregnancy” are mostly tailored to the woman, because her body simply takes a lot more of the event than that of the man, we will also briefly talk about the men here. The situation will also be new to you and you certainly have not thought about much of what is occurring now. Most men are concerned with the question of how to deal with their partner’s lack of sexual desire and how long they have to wait. Average comes back in most relationships after about three months after the birth swing into bed at home. However, this is only a guide value that can vary greatly from person to person. For some it is much faster, but for others it takes twice as many months, sometimes even more.

Communication is important

If you absolutely cannot deal with it, you should definitely talk to your partner about your need and how to deal with it. If you are considering cheating, you should not jump to conclusions. Cheating may provide short-term gains, but it will be difficult for you in the long-term because you now have a family. In such a situation, think carefully about how you deal with it, be patient and talk to your partner a lot. the patience hopefully will pay off in the end!

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