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Sex is a wonderful thing. Inside and outside. Morning, noon, evening and night. Any day of the week. But during the period? Everything is different there. At least that’s how it is for many couples. Men and women alike are downright disgusted to have sex with each other during their period. According to a YouGov study, almost two-thirds of Germans refrain from having sex during their period. At the same time, many women are particularly keen during this time – and the man’s libido does not stop working for about a week every month. So it’s high time to take the taboo out of this topic. Because even during the period, sex is something wonderful.

Disgusting? On the contrary: sex during your period is the most natural thing in the world

From her first menstrual period to menopause, every woman goes through the cycle of menstruation and has her period about 400 times. The period is simply part of the woman and is exactly the opposite of against nature. The exact physical and psychological effects of your period vary greatly from woman to woman. Unfortunately, abdominal cramps are part of everyday life for many women during menstruation. Other symptoms include headaches, nausea, mood swings and insomnia – the list is long. Periods can be really annoying. The hormones are so crazy that many women have a particularly strong desire to have sex, especially during menstruation. But is this a bad joke from Mother Nature? Or maybe just the opposite? Having sex during your period has a number of key advantages that help make those weary days a little more bearable.

Benefits of having sex on your period

  • Period sex is not only natural, it’s also extremely healthy. You probably already know that sex is generally good for your body. But orgasming during sex during menstruation also works analgesic and relaxing – and especially if the orgasm was vaginally induced.
  • The period blood is an excellent one lubricant! So forget lube during your period.
  • After sex, the period often increases for a short time. This in turn promotes shedding of the uterine lining. Means: sex during menstruation can die even shorten periods!
  • The hormone cocktail in the body has various side effects in women. But there are also some good ones among them. This is how many women still feel when they have sex during their period more fun than usual and the orgasms are particularly intense.

Cons of having sex on your period

  • The dilated cervix and blood increase the risk of transmission of infection. A condom should therefore be used, especially with new partners.
  • Yes, the period can cause a slight odor during the act. But since when is sex clinically pure?
  • A woman loses about 70 milliliters of blood during a period. That’s half a coffee cup spread over about a week. So there won’t be a bloodbath, but there may well be some stains in the bed linen. Our tip: just put it in Hand towel under.

Alternatives to classic sex during your period

Sex means more than just the intercourse between penis and vagina. Above all, sex means tenderness, devotion, time for each other – and the climax can also be reached in other ways. So if you still have reservations about “classic” sex during your period, then make each other happy in a different way. For example, clitoral stimulation is very popular with many women during their periods. This can be done orally, by hand or with a sex toy. With lay-on vibrators or womanizers, for example, you can pamper yourself or let yourself be pampered. Not every couple is into it, but if you like anal fun, menstruation is actually the perfect time for it. Quite a few women therefore simply declare the period time to be an anal week.

By the way, if you don’t want to do without vaginal intercourse, but you can’t deal with the blood during sex – no matter how small it is – then you can also use soft tampons. Never heard? Soft tampons are small, cylindrical foam sponges that do not require a withdrawal string. Soft tampons are also very soft, so they can be worn during intercourse. After that, however, you should change them – and remember that this is not a contraceptive. Speaking of contraception: the myth persists, but you can also get pregnant during your period. Sperm can survive for up to seven days in a woman’s abdomen. So the following applies: You must also use contraception during your period. So of course only if you are not hoping for offspring.

The best positions for sex during your period

Vaginal sex during the period is something wonderful in every position, but some sex positions are particularly useful if the bed sheet is protected and the woman should be able to relax her muscles particularly well:

  • An absolute classic among the comfortable positions is the spoon position. The woman can bend her legs and thereby relax her legs and lower back. So the man can gently penetrate her.
  • The position Doggy Style light Reminiscent of the classic doggy position, except for one crucial difference: She puts a pillow under her stomach and/or lays her upper body on the bed. He can kneel behind her or stand next to the bed.
  • sex during period under the shower has several advantages. On the one hand, the little bit of blood in the shower doesn’t bother you, on the other hand, the warm water can help to relieve any cramps in the woman.
  • If you really want to keep blood from getting on the sheet, that’s it male riders Perfect. In contrast to the classic rider position, the man is on top here. The woman lifts her hips, his knees are on either side of her and he gently penetrates her. With a pillow under her hips, this position can be held for a surprisingly long time—and not a single drop will soil the sheets.

Conclusion: sex during the period

Periods are declared by many couples to be sex-free. The menstrual blood is perceived as disgusting and alternatives are often not even considered. That has to end. Because sex during your period is not only fun, it can even make your days easier and shorter. Sometimes a woman just doesn’t feel like having sex when she’s on her period – but often she just wants it that much more! You don’t have to change your habits, of course, but at least consider it. Cramps, headaches and the like shouldn’t be the only thing that you associate with your days. Just accept the woman’s bleeding as a natural process. Use condoms, towels, take a shower, but have sex! And if you can’t get rid of your disgust at menstrual blood, then take a look at soft tampons or pay special attention to the clitoris during this time. Either way, don’t let your period dictate when you feel like having sex and when you don’t.

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