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Sex during pregnancy: 5 sex positions for pleasurable moments

If the pregnancy test is positive, a lot of questions buzz through your head – at some point the couple will also ask: “How does pregnancy affect our sex life? Can we have sexual intercourse before delivery without any problems? Is sex even allowed during pregnancy?โ€. The answer is clearly yes! Many women become more lustful during pregnancy and they even want to have sex more often than usual. Of course, as the pregnancy progresses, not every sex position is possible – but you can discover new, exciting sex positions. In today’s post, we look at how women can express their sexuality even with a growing belly.

General questions about sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is generally not a problem. Nothing can happen to the child during sex, because even if things get wilder and the bumps get harder, the child is always protected by the amniotic fluid. In the first few months, many pregnant women do not feel like having sex, mostly because of nausea. But the wait is worth it, dear men! During pregnancy, the body produces more sex hormones and the blood supply to the vagina is better. As a result, the lust of the pregnant woman increases noticeably. Pleasure is greatest in the second trimester of pregnancy. Even at the end of pregnancy, when it comes to childbirth, there are no restrictions as far as sex is concerned, as long as the pregnancy is unproblematic for the woman. Many couples worry that having sex will induce preterm labor. However, this fear is unfounded during pregnancy. Labor can only be induced during sex when the due date is near. But this only happens when the baby is ready to be born. It is not the sex itself that triggers contractions, but the relaxation of the pregnant woman shortly before the birth.
Most women can fully enjoy sex during pregnancy. There are only restrictions if the woman develops complications or infections. In these cases, you should always consult your doctor as to whether sex is possible during pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy: The sex positions are hot

When the belly grows, some positions during sex are no longer possible. Then it’s time to get creative – many couples use pregnancy to get their love life going again with a variety of positions and to enjoy sexuality with their partner in a new way. The only limitation is sex positions where the woman lies on her back. On the one hand, the supine position, for example in the missionary position, is uncomfortable for the woman due to the weight and, on the other hand, this position can cause dizziness.
But that’s no reason to give up sex, because after all, numerous other positions from the Kama Sutra are waiting to be tried:


Doggy style is the most comfortable position for pregnant women and is therefore popular with many women. No pressure is exerted on the abdomen. As usual, the woman supports her hands and assumes a four-footed position. The man now penetrates with the penis from behind. During pregnancy it can be pleasant if you try the doggy style while standing. She supports herself, for example, on a chest of drawers or a table. The great thing about this position is that there is no difference to sex life before pregnancy.

rider position

Another well-established classic is possible during pregnancy without restrictions. In the rider position, the stomach is not in the way and you have enough room to maneuver. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If the up and down movements become strenuous for the pregnant woman, we recommend continuing with circular hip movements. For women who are initially adjusting to the changes in their bodies, the reverse cowgirl position can be comfortable. With this, you simply turn your back on your partner. In this position you only focus on penetration.

sex on furniture

Dreams come true for everyone who until now only entertained the fantasy of having sex on the kitchen table. Because during pregnancy there is hardly anything better than sex on furniture. Because the woman sits higher, the man can penetrate her very well. The stomach is not in the way and you can fully enjoy the intimate moment at eye level.


In the tarantula position, she determines the pace at which things get down to business. The man sits down and stretches his legs. Then he leans back and supports himself with his hands or arms – whichever is most comfortable. The woman now sits on him. She places her legs bent next to his arms and also leans back. Through movements forwards and backwards or circular movements you stimulate yourself to the climax. In this position there is enough space for your stomach and you can look deep into your eyes.


Men who want to surprise their partner with a little sweetheart session in the morning choose the spoon position. With this, both partners can lie comfortably on their side while the man penetrates the woman from behind. With his free hand, the man can also pamper his breasts and clitoris. Especially at the end of pregnancy, this position is very relaxing and pleasurable.

sex toys during pregnancy

Pregnant women who would like to have a relaxed orgasm reach for sex toys. This can be built into the love game with the partner, as well as provide highlights when you get the lust. Silicone dildos and vibrators don’t have to sit in the bedside table gathering dust for months – they can be used during pregnancy without any problems. It is important to pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the sex toys and to use a disinfecting toy cleaner for cleaning. Dildos are used as usual, with vibrators you should switch down a gear. Try the first vibration level first. The clitoris, vagina and vaginal walls are much more responsive to touch. The child does not mind sex with the vibrator – too strong vibrations are at most uncomfortable for the user. Most pregnant women therefore enjoy the gentle vibrations of a lay-on vibrator.

Sex during pregnancy is therefore not a problem and is also really fun with our sex positions. Nevertheless, as a man, you should scale back your demands and like to spoil your partner from time to time. Show her that you also find her baby bump attractive. How about an erotic cunnilingus, for example? Get creative and respond to your partner’s sexual desires – maybe you’ll benefit too if she gets overwhelmed by lust! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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