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Sometimes that’s the thing with lust. Sure, who doesn’t know it: You’re at work and your head is already buzzing with thoughts of how to tame this emerging desire at home after work.

Regardless of whether you spend time together with your partner or use your own sex toy collection. The anticipation of the upcoming orgasm is huge. But what do you do when the anticipation is so strong that you can no longer stand it? Then something should happen quickly. And you probably don’t want to wait until you get home. So it makes sense to have the right sex toys with you. Just like that, in case of an emergency. It can come over you again and again. We tell you here which sex toys should not be missing in your daily luggage …

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Train & stimulate love balls

A sex toy that should come to mind for every woman are of course the love balls. Not only do they fit in the smallest compartment of a handbag, they are also light. And if you can’t keep to the point in a business meeting, you can insert the love balls just before. While pushing the numbers in the meeting, you can also do two other things that are more fun. On the one hand, it should be clear that the love balls give you a nice, stimulating feeling. Secondly, as a woman, you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by using them. This makes sex feel more intense for you and your partner will also be grateful to you. πŸ˜‰ Your love life and orgasm will improve!

Vibrating eggs with remote control

Another sex toy that is not far from love balls is the vibrating egg. The vibrating egg is inserted vaginally. Due to its rather smaller size, you can keep it in your vagina with a little practice when you’re on the go. For example, if you and your partner need that special kick when you go to a restaurant, then you should definitely take the vibrating egg with you. It is particularly exciting for her when she does not know when the next vibration shock will be emitted via the remote control or if the intensity of the vibration will change again. Most vibrating eggs have different levels of intensity. You should definitely get to know them…

Belou for special clitoral stimulation

If the “simple” vibrating egg is a little too boring for you, you should try the Belou. The small, handy vibrating egg has a special gimmick. There is a curved clitoral stimulator on the egg that takes care of your clitoris. So if you like it a bit more intense on the go, the Belou is a good choice. The sex toy can also be controlled using a radio remote control, which is small and handy. Since the sex toy is also waterproof, you can also try taking it into the water with you on the beach without being noticed. When you have an orgasm, you just have to be a little quieter πŸ˜‰ This is going to be some wet fun…

Mini vibrators for the handbag

If you don’t go to the beach that often and spend more time in the big city, you should probably come up with something more manageable, which you can easily make disappear and still vibrate. Mini vibrators are best here. The small, lively sex toys can get you up to speed and orgasm particularly quickly. At the same time, they have disappeared into the handbag in no time at all, without causing a stir. And who thinks it’s weird when a woman takes her purse to the toilet?! No one! So it’s the perfect camouflage! πŸ˜‰

The new Womanizer Starlet 2 is currently one of the most popular lay-on vibrators in small format. Of course, this Womanizer also comes with the proven pressure wave technology around the corner, which expresses a kind of orgasm guarantee. With a length of just under 12 cm, the new Womanizer also fits into every woman’s handbag. The lay-on vibrator has four different intensity levels and can be recharged via USB access. With a few drops of lube, the sex toy arouses his orgasmic shame even more intensely!

Functional underwear with a kick

Those who prefer to be out and about in the countryside usually also wear underwear. Many people don’t know that there are also individual specimens that not only have the function of simply looking sexy. The so-called functional underwear also has added value for the wearer. When you’re out and about in functional underwear, it helps you to live out your desires. There are different examples of this.

Panties with mini vibrator

For example, there are the vibrating panties. This sexy panty, which is very nice to look at, has a small mini vibrator in the crotch, which can also be controlled via a small remote control. In public, these briefs can be worn well under pants. Here, too, the partner likes to control the vibration. Nobody will notice anything around you. Unless you moan particularly loudly. You should think twice about that in the pedestrian zone. πŸ˜‰

Panties with pearl necklace for the pearl of pleasure

Another example of such functional women’s panties is the pearl panties with a pearl necklace. The slip is completely open at the crotch. There is a small string of pearls at the open spot. With every step, the pearl necklace touches your pearl – the clitoris. So the next stroll through the city could be a very special one. If you are shopping with your partner, the briefs are also suitable for a quickie in the changing room. Try it yourself!

Black latex panties with a dildo inside

Use anal plugs on the go!

If the laundry is a bit too complicated for you and if you don’t just want to enjoy vaginal fun on the go, you can of course do it more easily and get your money’s worth. Of the anal toys that can be bought, anal plugs are the most suitable for on the go. You can insert the comparatively smaller sex toys anally (do not forget the lubricant) and walk around with them. I’ve already received emails from customers who have described how awesome it is to walk around with a butt plug at work. I haven’t tried it myself, but you’re welcome to try it too. πŸ˜‰ A butt plug set is best to start with. Here you get three anal plugs in three different sizes (10.5 cm, 13 cm, 16 cm). So you can gradually work your way up.

  • Silicone butt plug with gemstone - black

    Silicone butt plug with gemstone

  • Anal plug set by PRO ANAL - black

    Anal plug set by PRO ANAL

  • Anal plug with vibration & remote control - black

    Anal plug with vibration & remote control

  • Silicone butt plug with gemstone - black

    Silicone butt plug with gemstone

  • Anal plug set by PRO ANAL - black

    Anal plug set by PRO ANAL

  • Anal plug with vibration & remote control - black

    Anal plug with vibration & remote control

Hand luggage masturbator

If you don’t feel like anal stimulation that much and you’re a man, you’ll have it a little more difficult with the sex toys for on the go than women. Of course you can take them with you everywhere, but you can’t use them as easily as the ladies of creation. Then there is almost only the quiet place as a place of retreat. A masturbator of your choice will be happy to keep you company there. However, you have to keep in mind that many masturbators are slightly larger and therefore cannot be easily transported unnoticed. A bag or a backpack is a good choice. If you have a larger bag with you, you should treat yourself to something more powerful. The Suck-O-Mat is suitable for this. The blowjob simulator has five different intensity levels with five different speeds and a cigarette lighter adapter. If you don’t have an infinite amount of space in your bag, I recommend the Fun Factory “Cobra Libre II”. Despite its size, this comparatively small masturbator does not lose any of its performance and impresses with its two motors and eleven vibration modes. He will be your faithful companion!

Capable of acting on the go

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to satisfy your sexual desire while you’re on the go. If you can’t always stand it and want to react as flexibly as possible, then get the right sex toy that suits your preferences. You can find these and more in our ORION online shop!

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