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Waterproof electronics are becoming increasingly popular. Smartwatches, mobile phones, headphones: everything should now be waterproof. How useful or necessary this really is in everyday use, however, can be questioned. The situation is completely different with sex toys. We’re in the shower or bath pretty much every day. If we have a little time, for example at the weekend with a long candlelight bath, then a sex toy is just the right thing to relax in peace and quiet and have fun at the same time.

Vibrators & Dildos

Dildos are the ultimate sex toy. Actually every woman owns at least one dildo – and best of all: They are not electronic and therefore absolutely waterproof. Dildos with suction cups are particularly useful in the shower. Simply attach it to the shower pane and let the fun begin. There are now also vibrators in large numbers in a waterproof version. Vibrators with a clitoral stimulator, so-called rabbit vibrators, are particularly pleasant. Of course, vibrators for pure vaginal stimulation are also a lot of fun – then you help out with the other hand. By the way: The warm water when bathing helps to reach an orgasm. Either way, you should take your time and don’t rush into the bath with your toy. Just consider playing with the sex toy as an added attraction to the cozy bath.


It sounds paradoxical, but as you’ve probably figured out for yourself, water isn’t a good lubricant. Vaginal stimulation is therefore not that easy, especially in the bathtub. Although a silicone-based lubricating gel ensures a certain slipping effect under water and is therefore ideal for PVC dildos, for example, it is not compatible with silicone sex toys. The clitoris can also be stimulated well under water and without lubricant. And which sex toy is the ultimate clitoral spoiler? Of course: the Womanizer! Which toy from the Womanizer series you prefer depends on your preferences. But all models have one thing in common: the toys are absolutely waterproof. This makes the favorite sex toy of many women even better.


Not only women can have fun with waterproof sex toys. Even men don’t have to do without their toys in the shower or in the bath. In a way, masturbators are to men what vibrators and dildos are to women. And masturbators are also perfect for having fun in the water. The classic among masturbators is the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight models do not vibrate and are therefore also suitable for use in water. But there are also various masturbators with vibration that are absolutely waterproof. In other words, men can also have a lot of fun with masturbators in the bathroom or in the shower. For some action in the shower, there are even suction feet – so you don’t even have to use your hands when using the sex toy. However, it is advisable to only use masturbators with water-based lubricant – even in the shower.

Toys for sex in the water

Sex in the water is an exciting affair. Whether in the whirlpool, in the swimming pool or outdoors: lovemaking under water is very special, especially with a sex toy. To make the action even more intense, there are some sex toys that are ideal for couples. Vibrating cock rings, for example, not only ensure a long-lasting erection in men, but also stimulate the woman’s clitoris. Meanwhile, love balls and vibrating eggs with remote control provide a special kick in the water. So she can swim her lengths while he drives her crazy with the remote control – the perfect foreplay for outdoor sex. Finally, there are special vibrators for couples that also stimulate both him and her under water.

Conclusion: Many sex toys can also convince in the water

In contrast to many other gadgets, it makes sense for a sex toy to be waterproof. Whether you, as a woman, enjoy yourself in the bathtub with a vibrator, you, as a man, take the masturbator with you in the shower, or you, as a couple, have fun in the whirlpool with a penis ring, vibrating egg or another sex toy: sex toys can be used with the connect cool wet. But make sure not to use a silicone sex toy in connection with silicone-based lubricants, even in the water. Apart from that, you can let your imagination and desire run free with the sex toy of your choice.

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