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Test STDs anonymously at home


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An exuberant party night. A few drinks, dancing ’til dawn. Hot looks are followed by a hot night. So far so good. However, if the condoms are forgotten in the heat of the moment and it starts to itch a few days later, the great disillusionment comes. What now?

Going to the doctor about what you think is an STD is uncomfortable. The shame of having to openly admit that you’ve caught something is too great. With the platform should help these people. The company is committed to making anonymous STI testing safe and guaranteed discreet on the internet to offer. The aim of the online platform is to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases as early as possible. This is the only way to treat them properly and prevent infections. Demand for an anonymous STI lab test for STDs is high.

chlamydia and gonorrhea

Chlamydia and gonorrhea infections are the most common STDs. Although a few STIs (sexually transmitted infections) cause clear symptoms, there are STDs that don’t always cause symptoms. Many do not realize they have an STI and pass on the STD without knowing it. While some STDs go away on their own, there are STIs that are latent in the body and can cause extreme symptoms later.

The following symptoms of chlamydia infection can affect both men and women: unusual discharge from the penis, vagina or anus, pain and burning when urinating, and pain during sex. These symptoms a Chlamydia infection may coincide with signs of gonorrhea infection. Gonorrhea is common, especially in men who have sex with men. Symptoms such as itching of the vagina, penis or bottom, pain when urinating or having sex and green-yellow discharge can indicate a gonorrhea infection. Long-term exposure to these STDs puts you at risk of infertility or miscarriage.

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test procedure

Since there is a barrier for many people to testing themselves for STIs at the doctor or health department, offers the possibility to buy anonymous STI self-tests online. How exactly does this anonymous self-test process work?

Before an STI test can be purchased from, one can use the online tool to find out what type of test is required. This depends on who had unprotected sex with and on which parts of the body (anal, oral or vaginal). These questions are also asked in a health department or with a general practitioner. After the test has been ordered, the user will receive the test discreetly packaged. There is no traceable logo or address of The test is performed at home using urine or a swab and sent to the laboratory free of charge using the return box provided. Within 72 hours of receiving the return box at the laboratory, the sample will be analyzed and verified by the microbiologist and the results can be requested on the website using a unique and anonymous code.

anonymity and quality

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The analysis is not based on personal data. Everything is done with the anonymous code that guarantees the anonymity of the user. Each year they anonymously test about 30,000 people for chlamydia and gonorrhea. In this way, skips the general practitioner and the health authorities.

The laboratory and the tests developed meet the quality requirements. In addition, the samples are checked in the laboratory by a microbiologist. With a medical association as a supporting advisory body, quality is guaranteed. Also, the tests are used by doctors and clinics. But if there are acute symptoms, recommends going to the doctor.

About 80% of tests are negative. In the event of a positive result, the user receives a test report from the microbiologist. It is recommended to see your family doctor or health department for treatment. In this way, wants to reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases and encourage young people in particular to get tested after unprotected sex and not to pass it on to others.

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