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The 6 most common sex fantasies women have BBFactory

It strikes me again and again that sex fantasies are extremely interesting for most of us. When I talk about my job, I am usually bombarded with questions about sex. Among the first five questions there is always a question about sexual fantasies of the opposite sex. So mostly men ask me about fantasies of women. Since we can document this topic for the entire world of men (and possibly also women), this article applies to the most common sex fantasies of women!

1. Sex in unusual places

To be honest, I personally wouldn’t have thought of the most common fantasy in women’s world. But good that some people publish studies on such topics. About four out of five women dream of having sex in unusual places. So get out of bed, go out, meet “accidentally” late at night in the office or disappear together into the restaurant toilet. She’ll most likely be pretty turned on by this…

2. Receive oral sex

Close behind is the fantasy of getting a lick job that washed up. Women seem to instinctively know what’s good for them. After all, the likelihood of having an orgasm during sex increases greatly when good old cunnilingus gets its place as well. So men: Warm up your tongue muscles…

3. Desire for hot threesomes

About two-thirds of the women surveyed also said they fantasize about a classic threesome. Incidentally, it is not as important to them (as men are) whether the third party in the alliance is a man or a woman. Women seem to be quite willing to experiment in this area. Variety is definitely guaranteed! πŸ˜‰

4. Being dominated

Another common fantasy is being dominated by your sex partner. The scale here is relatively large. Some only dream of the partner setting the tone, others want the full program including shackles & Co. and cannot defend themselves. Greetings from BDSM.

5. Sex with a stranger

If you’re not in a relationship right now, you might like the following woman’s wish. Because some women dream of having sex with a complete stranger. The focus is, of course, on adventure. Also, many women are a little more open about anonymous sex. The chance of seeing the person again is slim, so they are more likely to take what they need. So remember: you could be the next sex adventure. πŸ˜‰

6. Giving a blowjob

The last fantasy should definitely make men’s hearts beat faster: Almost 70 percent of the women surveyed stated that they would like to give a blow job … This means that many women can do something with stimulating fellatio, even though they are not being stimulated themselves . However, you should not assume that this is the case for every woman. However, it must be said that your chances of getting a wanted blowjob are pretty high. πŸ˜‰ If you have to do without it, there are always other alternatives…

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