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What your zodiac sign reveals about your sex life?!

Our zodiac signs shape our character, typical behavior and preferences. And of course our sexuality to a large extent.

Have you ever wondered why you always have accumulations in your birthday calendar? Especially when it comes to (ex-)partners? It could be because of the stars and their influence on our sex life! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

You can find out in our sexy horoscope what each zodiac sign typically brings and wants in bed, and which sex toys or accessories are a must on your erotic shopping list!

Aries (March 21 โ€“ April 20)

Zodiac Aries

We know Aries as incredibly active and dynamic people – but with a tendency to be aggressive, egocentric and stubborn. As people who tend to be talented in their trades, they are also mostly tech-savvy.

Doesn’t that sound so great now? Yet! Because it is precisely this mix of characteristics that makes Aries grenades in the bedroom. After all, activity with a pinch of egoism is really irresistible, especially during sex! In any case, find a little more reserved and clingy zodiac signs.

Since self-determination and freedom are brutally important to Aries, the first thing they need is sex toys that will definitely get them going (also) on their own. Aries men often opt for a Fleshlight, while rabbit vibrators are very popular with women.

Trails (21.4. โ€“ 20.5.)

star sign Taurus

Taurus is the absolute bohemian zodiac sign: hedonistic, instinct-driven, with a penchant for excesses of all kinds. Those born under the Taurus zodiac are spontaneous and strong-willed. What they want, that’s what they want. Not at some point, but in the here and now!

It is logical that the animalistic side of bulls likes to show itself in bed, since their lovers have been very lucky. As long as they can match the bull endurance!

When it comes to sex toys, bulls, as people who enjoy themselves and whose heart beats with beautiful and valuable things, can go all out. High-tech toys and the luxury segment, bring them on! As soon as a Taurus lady is at the start, a “womanizer” should not be missing. Male bulls could sneeze at something from Tenga!

Gemini (May 21 โ€“ June 21)

Zodiac Gemini

A Gemini is always looking โ€“ for its counterpart. They are therefore considered to be particularly communicative, flexible and adaptable. Always on the prowl, but a certain thirst for adventure cannot be denied!

On a solo path, the twin is open and approachable – even in the box – but primarily full of hope that one day he will find his buddy for life. Once that’s done, twins can finally live out all their qualities. There is a lot going on sexually, hardly a wish is denied. The main thing is that the couple experience is right!

Therefore, the perfect sex toy for everyone born in Gemini can only be one thing: couple sex toys that are worn during sex and are a lot of fun for both partners! If a twin is separated from his better half, it may even be possible to play remotely via app control…

  • Double vibrator from Best Mate - black

    Double vibrator from Best Mate

  • Ditto <a class=anal plug with app and remote control” data-description=”” data-eio=”p” src=”” decoding=”async” width=”350″ height=”600″ style=”width: auto; height: 100%; max-width: none; max-height: 100%; margin-top: 0px; margin-left: -0.156px;”/>

    Ditto anal plug with app and remote control

  • Vibro-Penisring mit Clitorisreizer - blau

    Vibro penis ring with clitoral stimulus

  • Double vibrator from Best Mate - black

    Double vibrator from Best Mate

  • Ditto anal plug with app and remote control

    Ditto anal plug with app and remote control

  • Vibro-Penisring mit Clitorisreizer - blau

    Vibro penis ring with clitoral stimulus

Krebs (22.6. โ€“ 22.7.)

star sign Cancer

It is well known that Cancers are harmony-loving, sensitive and rather domestic. A creative vein is also attributed to them. However, the fact that the moon also has a blatant influence on all those born in Cancer is less common.

There’s always a dark side to Cancer, and that’s what makes sex with Cancer insanely exciting. Cancer women in particular need a few hours of love and then it’s off: ecstasy, shady-hard fantasies, danger of addiction!

If crabs choose something in the sex shop, it will probably be difficult: from fragrant massage oils to chains and whips, they actually need everything. With a bondage set, you not only smack your loved one on the bottom, but also many birds with one stone.

Leo (23.7. โ€“ 22.8.)

astrological sign Leo

They are radiant, dominant and like to be the center of attention: our lions! Everyone in the room is welcome to turn around to look at them, I like that. Good feedback and self-realization are the big things for them!

Sexually, lion males and lion girls are quite different. While the boys like to vigorously power through advanced sexual exercises, the ladies long for intimacy and homage.

There can only be one thing on the toy shelf for the Leo man: a cock ring! Who puts him in the limelight again and supports his lion power. He doesn’t mind irresistibly stimulating vibes either, so a vibrating cock ring could become his new favorite toy!

The lioness will definitely trust in the effective services of a womanizer. But since it should just be about her, she will choose the Womanizer DUO, which pampers her vaginally and clitorally at the same time.

Virgo (23.8. โ€“ 22.9.)

Zodiac Virgo

Virgos are said to have classic virtues: diligence, orderliness, self-control, down-to-earthness. They should just be careful to rein in their perfectionism from time to time. At least in general, because in bed there’s no harm in being a perfectionist!

And there’s a lot in virgins anyway. Because they have recognized that the horizontal is exactly the right thing to put aside all that coolness and pragmatism. Instead, there’s sophistication and ecstasy here!

That’s why we have a great unisex tip for our rational cleaning devils in the sign of Virgo: you do it right, really let yourself go and don’t worry about any dirt. For example with a very special playground! A vinyl sheet for an erotic body-to-body massage – and all other wet things too!

Libra (23.9. โ€“ 22.10.)

Zodiac Libra

Anyone who is at home in the Libra zodiac can usually look forward to chilled balance. It’s just stupid that she sometimes likes to express herself in the impossibility of making decisions. Oh, I don’t know either.

So it’s little wonder that scales aren’t overly goal-oriented even when they’re in the box. Only one thing is essential for them: time! Romance, seduction, charm and playful discovery almost always trumps clumsy passion and quick sex.

That’s why Libras love sexy accessories that aren’t too explicit, match their play instinct and, above all, don’t really have to commit themselves. The ladies enjoy discreet mini vibrators. After all, they can do anything with it. Alone or in pairs, on your own or someone else’s body, parallel to sex or exclusively.

Fortunately, there is a similarly versatile sex toy for Libra boys: “Manta” from Fun Factory works as a masturbator as well as a toy for couples, whether as hand job tuning or extra stimulation for both during intercourse. Simply fully balanced!

Scorpio (23.10. – 21.11.)

Zodiac sign Scorpio

If you confess to someone that you are Scorpio, you will quickly find panic in their eyes. No wonder, this zodiac sign is considered complicated, unpredictable and even bitchy.

Actually, everyone should be keen on scorpions, because here there is a cosmic guarantee of a lot of wild sex. Next to Taurus, our Scorpio is the sexiest thing the stars have managed to do. That’s why it can get down to business when choosing a sex toy.

The Scorpio man follows his lust to his prostate and indulges in intense vibes. The scorpion is not averse to anal stimulation either. However, she prefers to have everything at once. And that’s what she gets with the double vibrator from Best Mate! Partnered Scorpios can finally really let off steam when they call a love swing their own!

Sagittarius (11/22 โ€“ 12/21)

Zodiac Sagittarius

Joie de vivre, optimism and a thirst for adventure – that’s what you’ll find at Schรผtzen! Everything is fine, but members of this star club have to be careful not to get too flighty.

In their sex stories, not only the greatest love is in the foreground, Sagittarius and Sagittarius are also available for hot affairs and mediocre stories. The main thing is that there is a touch of escapade and boredom is left out!

With all the spontaneity and all the thirst for experience, a sex toy tip is particularly useful. If this has not happened before, shooters should definitely consider using a strap-on. Unisex! With strap-ons, there’s role reversal and prostate sex for the Sagittarius man or strap-on toy for the Sagittarius woman. Uncharted territory is the shooter’s thing!

Capricorn (22.12. โ€“ 20.1.)

Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorns are considered career people. You are success-oriented, persistent and realistic. But their persevering nature also makes them great and, above all, loyal relationship types.

Is it any wonder that they are at their best sexually in stable partnerships? Vague back and forth is nothing for them, one night stands and affairs can happen, but only if the Capricorn is very well aware of the calculated risk.

Honest, classic sex toys are recommended for solo Capricorns. A realistic dildo without much chichi for the lady, for the gentleman a no-frills but effective masturbator.

For couples with Capricorn participation, the “True Love Game” is a hot tip: because it’s all about eroticism and depth in (long) relationships! In addition to sexy tasks, it is important to learn a lot about yourself and your counterpart in a playful way.

Aquarius (1/21 โ€“ 2/19)


Deeds – and desire for freedom, yes, routine, no! This is how you can sum up the attitude towards life of Aquarians and women.

When it comes to sex, there are experiments and a lot of spontaneity. And a huge spectrum. From cuddle time to hard fast number anything can happen. With Aquarius, you never really know what’s coming next!

Surprise and sex boxes are absolutely appropriate for this experience-hungry zodiac sign. What exactly is inside is not always revealed, just this much: girls, boys and couples of all stripes can not only satisfy their curiosity here …

Pisces (20.2. โ€“ 20.3.)

star signs fish

It’s not always easy with fish. Because with all sensitivity, all delicacy and all imagination, they often seem a bit haphazard and mysterious to their environment.

When it comes to fishing, a whole range is required. The best way to crack them is with a lot of communication, a pinch of spirituality and a tick of dominance. If someone manages to do this, they are rewarded with an incomparable dedication!

A Pisces woman needs it sensitive and yet rich in variety. That’s why the “Caress” lay-on vibrator suits her incredibly well. With various modes and attachments, she can always daydream her way through life like new and combine it with clitoral orgasms.

A glans vibartor is ideal for the male Pisces โ€“ the perfect stimulation. And always at hand when the imagination runs away with it again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And? Did you recognize yourself? Or your friends, ex and loved ones? And are you already curious to try our sex toy tips? Then get started with really good cosmic sex! ๐Ÿ˜€

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