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Womanizer 2Go – Discover now in the BBFactory magazine

The Womanizer revolutionized the world of orgasms and still pushes thousands of women to the limits of their lust. In the meantime, the Womanizer has made a name for itself as an “orgasm miracle”. Fun on the go is also provided. The Womanizer 2Go is the ideal companion for every woman and makes every trip an incredible experience.

What is the Womanizer and what makes it so special

Thanks to the unique Pleasure Air technology, the innovative lay-on vibrator ensures a very special orgasmic experience. But how exactly does that work? The clitoris is stimulated without direct contact and spoils women to their climax. Unlike other sex toys, the Womanizer encloses the clitoris with its silicone head and stimulates it with gentle pressure waves. This leads to a completely new orgasmic experience. It is particularly suitable for women with a sensitive clitoris. Because the gentle, non-contact sucking avoids overstimulation of the clitoris and thus brings every woman to an intense and pleasant climax.

There are now many different models on the market that are available in over 30 countries and drive women crazy.

Womanizer 2Go – orgasm to go, please

The Womanizer 2Go is the mini version of the innovative lay-on vibrator and the perfect companion for on the go. From the outside it looks like a lipstick and can therefore be discreetly hidden in the handbag. Not only the lipstick design ensures discretion, but also the whisper mode. But whether you can be quiet is another matter…

The stimulation head can also be changed individually with this variant. The very special thing about this model is the additional XL stimulation attachment. This ensures that all women get their money’s worth. 😉

Since every woman is unique and does not like it the same strength, the Womanizer 2Go can also be individually selected between six intensity levels. Whether soft or in power mode, the Womanizer 2Go is guaranteed to bring you to your unique orgasmic experience.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to keep buying batteries. The Womanizer 2Go has a USB port and is fully charged in 60 minutes. All the fun can last up to two hours, but don’t worry: you won’t have to wait that long for your first orgasm.

Womanizer 2Go: successor and accessories

Unfortunately, the Womanizer 2Go is no longer available on the market. But if you are an active user of this model, we still have a number of accessories such as attachments for the clitoris, chargers or toy cleaners in our range. Indulge in your desire and browse our online shop! You might discover one or the other new Womanizer model that will guarantee your next orgasm.

Here is our current Womanizer overview.

Suitable accessories for the Womanizer 2Go:

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