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It’s been a few years since a device came out that would change the world of sex toys for women forever. The Womanizer represented a sex toy revolution that had rarely been seen before. Since then, tens of women have bought the little technological miracle in order to experience countless orgasms. Known as a pulsator or pressure wave stimulator, the ever-growing selection of different Womanizer models conquered the bedroom at home and left many a dildo gathering dust in a corner. The Womanizer owes its popularity to the innovative technology with which it is equipped: the clitoris is stimulated without contact using pulsating pressure waves. The manufacturer calls this patented technology Pleasure Air Technology. Never before has a sex toy been able to stimulate the clitoris so intensely without irritating it in the long run.

So the Womanizer is an incredibly successful sex toy that is loved by many women and is something of the queen of sex toys for women at the moment. But as is always the case: The Womanizer does not represent the revolution for every woman that it is without a doubt for others. Some women just can’t get used to pressure wave clitoral stimulation and prefer vaginal stimulation from other devices. And for other women, the price of the Womanizer for a sex toy is simply too high. In the following, we will therefore outline which sex toys can be alternatives to the deluxe Womanizer sex toy.

Dildos and vibrators

Why make it complicated when it can be easy? Dildos and vibrating dildos – i.e. vibrators – are the classic sex toys for women. In contrast to the Womanizer, the focus is not on clitoral but on vaginal stimulation. With the Womanizer InsideOut and the Womanizer Duo, the Womanizer series now also offers the combination of pulsator and classic vibrator. But if you don’t get used to pressure wave stimulation, you’d be better off with a dildo or a vibrator. Incidentally, the stimulation of the clitoris does not have to be left out entirely: vibrators with a clitoral stimulator, also known as rabbit vibrators, focus on vaginal stimulation, but also stimulate the clitoris. Just like the Womanizer, the vibrators also convince with different intensity levels – and have already brought many women to orgasm.

lay-on vibrators

The Womanizer is also often referred to as a lay-on vibrator. Strictly speaking, at least the classic Womanizer models do not vibrate, but work with pressure waves. In contrast to the classic vibrator, they are actually not inserted vaginally, but placed on the clitoris. Lay-on vibrators, which really vibrate, work according to the same principle. Whether the pressure waves of the Womanizer or the vibrations of the lay-on vibrators are preferred for clitoral stimulation depends solely on the preferences of the respective user, even if the Womanizer’s functionality is usually described as more intensive and the onset of a habituation effect is less likely. For example, women with the lay-on vibrator may initially have an easy orgasm. After a while, however, the clitoris can get used to the experience more than with the Womanizer.

A big advantage of the lay-on vibrators, however, is that thanks to their special shape, they can also be used perfectly during lovemaking with their partner and men also find the vibration with different intensity levels very exciting. For particularly gentle pampering, some of the lay-on vibrators also have so-called biofeedback. That means: When using the vibrator, the vibration strength can be automatically adjusted with slight body pressure. Other lay-on vibrators can not only vibrate, but also rotate and come with different attachments – so the possibilities on the way to orgasm are diverse.

Massagestabe & Vibrostabe

Massage sticks are not only a blessing for cramped muscles, they are also perfect as sex toys. Dedicated sex toy massage sticks can often be used on both sides. While the ball head of the device can massage the clitoris on one side with various intensity levels, the other side serves as a classic vibrator and thus – with a little lubricating gel – for vaginal stimulation. The same applies here: If you don’t get warm with the Womanizer or if you just pay more attention to the price, massage sticks are very well suited for you.

A level less common are vibrating rods, which – similar to the Womanizer – were specially developed for clitoral stimulation. A narrow rod with a stimulating ball at one end directs the bundled vibration energy to the clitoris and thus chases spurts of pleasure through the body. In contrast to the Womanizer, this transmission of stimuli is very direct and to the point, which some women find particularly positive and leads to many orgasms, while many prefer the gentler stimulation of the Womanizer.

Conclusion: There are alternatives to the Womanizer

When it comes to sex toys for women, there has been no getting around the Womanizer for some time now. But that doesn’t mean that the Womanizer is without alternative. On the contrary: there are numerous alternatives for the Womanizer, which are based on different preferences. For example, if you prefer vaginal stimulation to clitoral stimulation, and that makes it easier for you to orgasm, then classic vibrators are probably right for you. Should it be clitoral stimulation, but the pressure wave stimulation of the Womanizer is simply not the right thing for you, then massage sticks with their vibration might be perfect for you. Lay-on vibrators can be optimally installed in lovemaking with a partner. And for beginners, inexpensive Womanizer alternatives can also be an option. Ultimately, the choice of the right alternative to the Womanizer depends primarily on personal preferences and requirements.

Or you can simply choose one of the popular Womanizer models.

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