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A few years have passed since the development of the first Womanizer. Countless women around the world pamper their clitoris with the orgasmic miracle. Pretty much every woman has now heard of the touchless vibrator, which causes one orgasm after the next with several intensity levels – or has experienced the stimulation device herself.

For the few women who do not yet know the Womanizer, the principle should be briefly explained again: In contrast to conventional vibrators, the Womanizer is not inserted vaginally, but placed on the clitoris. Thanks to the patented Pleasure Air Technology®, the clitoris is intensively stimulated by pressure waves without the Womanizer touching the clitoris directly. Thanks to multiple intensity levels, every woman can choose her own pace on the way to the practically inevitable orgasm. So far, so well known. Not only has the number of Womanizer users increased exponentially over the years, but the selection of different Womanizer models is now considerable. So the big question is not whether the Womanizer can be generally recommended – women all over the world can confirm that – but the question is to what extent the different models in the test differ from each other and which Womanizer is best for which woman and which situation suitable is.

“Which Womanizer suits you?” explains von Jasmin:

The different Womanizer models in the test

The non-contact stimulation of the clitoris is still the core of all Womanizer models. However, some of the Womanizers go one step further and combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal stimulation. Meanwhile, other models are particularly handy, have an exceptionally large number of intensity levels or are whisper-quiet. We tested the different Womanizer models, compared them with each other and also took a close look at user reports.

Womanizer Classic - lila

Womanizer Classic

The name already reveals what the idea behind the Womanizer Classic is: The toy is based on the very first Womanizer models. The fact that a lot has happened since the first models can also be seen directly in the completely revised Classic version. With eight intensity levels, a whisper mode and the magnetic charging cable, the Womanizer Classic knows how to impress without a doubt. The design is also much nicer compared to the first Womanizer, the W100, while the shape has become more ergonomic, so the Womanizer is very comfortable to hold. If you have never tried a Womanizer and don’t want to experiment, the Womanizer Classic is a good choice.

Womanizer InsideOut - schwarz

Womanizer InsideOut

The Womanizer has become famous for stimulating the clitoris in ways never seen before. But why stop there? Why should we limit ourselves to clitoral stimulation? The developers of the Womanizer may have thought something like this when they started to develop the Womanizer InsideOut. This Womanizer combines the advantages of the Womanizer with those of a classic vibrator. With the addition of a vibrating arm, women can use this stimulation device to pleasure themselves vaginally and clitorally at the same time. The waterproof sex toy can also be taken into the shower – and the first two stages are so quiet that the sex toy can hardly be heard. Those who need a little more intensity will enjoy the other ten intensity levels. The Womanizer InsideOut is therefore perfectly suited for all women who want to enjoy the special benefits of Womanizer technology without having to forego vaginal stimulation.

For first-hand experiences, you can also read through this report from six women who have tried the Womanizer InsideOut – and were thrilled.

Annotation: The Womanizer Duo has replaced the Womanizer InsideOut as a Womanizer with additional vaginal stimulation. This means that if you are interested in this sex toy, you should grab the latest model, the Womanizer Duo, which is presented below!

Womanizer Liberty - pink-white

Womanizer Liberty

The Womanizer Liberty is all about freedom – hence the name. With a size of just 10.4 centimeters, it fits in any handbag. In addition, there is a practical magnetic cover that not only prevents the Womanizer from accidentally getting stuck in your pocket, but also ensures safe and hygienic transport. With six intensity levels, the Liberty is not quite as varied as the larger models, but apart from that, users don’t really have to do without anything. The toy even comes with an XL stimulation attachment. The Womanizer Liberty is the perfect alternative, especially for travel – whether for a business meeting or on vacation.

Do you need more information? Then take a look at this detailed experience report on the Womanizer Liberty.

Womanizer DUO in black with functional drawings

Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo is something like the further development of the Womanizer InsideOut. In fact, the models hardly differ, here and there the design and shape have been tweaked a little, but above all a new feature has been integrated into this model: Smart Silence. This means that this sex toy only starts working when it comes into contact with skin. As a result, the toy does not make any unwanted noises. The shape of the vibration arm has also been optimized so that it can reach the G-spot a little better. Last but not least, this convinces a customer in our ORION shop, who says: “I already have a Womanizer and thought it couldn’t be beaten. But this combination is just awesome and I don’t regret that I bought this piece as well!”

A somewhat more detailed test report can be read in the ORION magazine.

Womanizer Starlet 2 - rot

Womanizer Starlet 2

The Womanizer Starlet 2 is particularly popular for two reasons. Firstly, it is the cheapest Womanizer and therefore particularly suitable for women who want to get a feel for the Womanizer and test it first without buying the most expensive models right away. On the other hand, the Starlet 2 is particularly suitable for couples. The “Mini-Womanizer” can be used both for foreplay and as a supplement to actual lovemaking. The second Starlet generation is even completely waterproof and is charged with a magnetic cable. In terms of intensity levels, battery life and special features, the Starlet cannot keep up with the more expensive Womanizer models – the six women from our Starlet 1 experience report were nevertheless enthusiastic.

Womanizer Premium - rot

Womanizer Premium

Pleasure Air Technology®, whisper mode, Smart Silence, XL stimulation attachment, waterproof – whatever feature one of the other Womanizer models may have, the Womanizer Premium also has it. Only the vibration arm for vaginal pampering is not on board with this model. With the Womanizer Premium, the entire focus is on stimulating the clitoris – and with unprecedented perfection. In addition to the elegant workmanship, a battery that lasts four hours and the perfect ergonomics, the Womanizer Premium is the only Womanizer to be equipped with the so-called autopilot function. Thanks to randomly generated stimulation patterns, you no longer have to change the intensity levels manually. Instead, you can let yourself be surprised and delay your orgasms in a tingling way. Because you are guaranteed orgasms with the Womanizer Premium! A review from the ORION shop puts it in a nutshell: “Quality and workmanship are SUPER. Handling, cleaning and hygiene are very good. Pleasure factor is EXCELLENT!”

If this statement is not enough for you, then you can read our detailed experience report on the Womanizer Premium.

FeatureDuoLibertyClassicPremiumInsideOutStarlet 2
Pleasure Air Technologie®
Touchless clitoral stimulation
Multiple orgasms possible
Smart Silence
intensity levels126812124
Whisper mode 42 dB
Interchangeable stimulation attachment
XL stimulation attachment
100% waterproof
Size (cm)20,310,414,815,519,211,7

Conclusion: It depends on the preferences and the situation

There are also some alternatives to the Womanizer. Pretty much every woman who has used a Womanizer once will not want to be without it afterwards. However, it is not possible to draw a conclusion as to who will ultimately prevail in the test of the various Womanizer models. With a view to the functions – from the many levels of intensity to the autopilot – the Womanizer Premium would of course put on the crown. Women who also need vaginal stimulation to reach orgasm will have a much better experience with the Womanizer Duo, which is a combination of Womanizer and vibrator. If you can make compromises in terms of intensity, battery and functions and also want to have sex with your partner and Womanizer, the Womanizer Starlet 2 should be the absolute highlight. After all, the Womanizer Liberty is predestined for on the go. As you can see, the test result varies depending on preferences and area of ​​application. While some women in the test would choose one Womanizer as the winner, for others a completely different one might be the clear winner. There is only one thing that helps: You have to ask yourself what you expect from your Womanizer – and if in doubt, simply test it yourself and make your own experiences with the stimulation devices!

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