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Womanizer W100 – Discover now in the BBFactory magazine

The Womanizer W100 is not a dildo, a vibrator or anything else that might look familiar. It is a very special stimulation device and promises women all over the world an incomparable orgasmic experience. The Womanizer is one of the most popular sex toys in the world and has now made a name for itself on the market as an “orgasm miracle”.

What is the Womanizer and what makes it so unique

The innovative lay-on vibrator has a unique Pleasure Air technology that cannot be compared to any other sex toy. The clitoris is thus stimulated without direct contact. How it works? The Womanizer encloses the clitoris with its silicone head and stimulates it with gentle but at the same time very intense pressure waves up to the climax. This new technique is particularly suitable for women with a sensitive clitoris, as the non-contact suction of the stimulation device avoids overstimulation or even irritation of the clitoris.
This experience drives thousands of women around the world crazy. Be warned of multiple orgasms. 😉

Womanizer W100 – The miracle of orgasm

It is one of the first Womanizer models on the market and its innovative technology guarantees a very special orgasmic experience. The device itself is made of plastic, the stimulation head for the clitoris is made of silicone, which can be individually repositioned depending on the user’s preference and the size of the clitoris.
Since every woman is unique and does not want to be stimulated to the same extent, you can choose between six intensity levels that are right for you.
In addition, you can charge your Womanizer with a USB port and do not have to buy annoying and environmentally harmful batteries.

The model still has a little something special to offer! For the women among us who like it a little more glamorous, the Womanizer W100 is also available with Swarovski stones, which make it a real eye-catcher.

Touchless clitoral stimulation - womanizer

Womanizer W100: successor and accessories

Unfortunately, the Womanizer W100 is no longer on the market. But if you still own this model, then you will find suitable accessories such as attachments for the clitoris, chargers or toy cleaners so that you don’t have to do without your orgasm. We also have all the new Womanizer models in our range, which are constantly being further developed to guarantee you an unforgettable climax.

Here is our current Womanizer overview.

Suitable accessories for the Womanizer W100:

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