ElectroShock E-Stim Crop


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Trust us, there will be absolutely zero doubt about who’s in charge of playtime when Shots’ ElectroShock E-Stim Crop comes out of the drawer, but don’t worry – it’s got a less electrifying side, too! Standing proud atop a super-sturdy handle, the E-Stim Crop features a classic squared-off shape and not-so classic metal studs running up and down either side. 

Those shiny little studs are responsible for conducting five possible intensities of electrostimulation through the Crop and straight to your partner’s backside or otherwise. Three little buttons on the handle activate and vary the e-stim possibilities – when you first switch it on, the intensity defaults to a medium intensity. You’ll be able to easily adjust from there. Of course, if you aren’t in the mood to be shocked, the E-Stim Crop functions perfectly well as a regular spank-tool, too.

Fully USB rechargeable, the E-Stim Crop powers up using a included charge cable. One hour of charge time equals about one hour of playtime.

However you plan to wield your Crop, it’s easy to hold and maneuver thanks to the firm handle. Spot clean the faux leather (PU) as needed.

* The ElectroShock E-Stim Crop measures 19.5″ (49.5cm) in total length and 3.25″ (8.3cm) in width


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