​​Rose Vibrator Review: is it really as good as you think?

If you’ve recently been attracted to the Hot Rose Toy and are thinking of buying one to try, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a suction-based sex toy that has sent social media into a frenzy. The Rose sex toy alone has generated over 100,000 hashtags. In a clip with 3.9 million views, one user testified that it got her off in 30 seconds.

Fans rave about the suction vibrator’s almost supernatural ability to induce powerful clitoral orgasms. Yet is it really as good as you think it is? Do you really need it? Can it really give you a good sexual experience? Questions such as these are what you need to know clearly before you buy. The following rose vibrator reviews will give you references to these questions.

What is a rose toy

“This is one of the best clitoral suction toys in its price range as far as clitoral suction toys go, and this is one of the best in its price range. ”

The Rose vibrator is a clitoral stimulation toy for women that uses air pulse and pressure technology to suck and feel the glans of the clitoris. This toy combines sucking and vibrating functions through the suction head. According to users, it provides unparalleled stimulation with multiple powerful orgasms and jets.

All Rose Clitoris Suck Vibrators are rechargeable and feature three to five vibration intensity levels and seven to ten sucking patterns that provide a true sucking sensation. With the click of a button, the Rose toy’s internal vibrations create a swirling stream of air that sucks, licks, and tease you, with what some call, unparalleled, unimaginable bliss.


Why is the rose vibrator so hot

I think it’s not just the look and function of the Rose adult toy itself, but the viral spread of social media that has driven it.

Studies have shown that women are more likely to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation than vaginal stimulation. The Rose Vibrator combines sucking and vibrating functions in one toy. In addition to its popular features, the rose toy has a pleasing rosebud shape that is discreet and elegant, catering to the psychological needs of many women.

On top of that, today’s Internet is like a nuclear reactor, where even an insignificant topic can be a big hit. Many times popular products are not the best choice for the masses. I’ve always advocated rational consumption and buying something that must be worth the money and what you need. That’s why I really like to go through real personal experiences before recommending so-called good products to my friends.

My Rosebud vibrator experience

The rose sex toy is so wonderful to hold feels really soft and just like good quality, and it is aptly named because the tip is shaped like rose petals that are very soft and pliable. The outside of the toy does not vibrate at all, but if you enjoy the sensation of grinding, it might feel good to rub these petals over your clit because they’re very soft.

It is wider than other suction toys, so I was a little bit worried that it wouldn’t be able to fit between my labia to actually suck on my claim but I found I didn’t have any problems with that. It just definitely takes one or two hands to hold this and then also hold my labia open.

As far as the suction settings go, this rose toy is extremely powerful. Even at its lowest setting, it starts off very intense. Personally, I definitely have to warm up with my hands or with another more gentle vibrator before I would put this on my clit, but if you are someone who tends to not be satisfied by vibrators that just don’t get as intense as you would like them to, this could potentially be a good option for you.

For me, suction toys feel incredibly pleasurable because of the combination of suction, which increases blood flow to your clit and the tapping sensation that comes from the moving mechanism in the back of this hole.

The Rose Toy Intensity and Vibrations

It doesn’t have a very wide range of intensity and it doesn’t have a slow start.

So if you prefer to take your time and increase your intensity, then this may not be a toy you use often. I found myself reaching for this toy when I wanted to get powerful and was looking for a quick, intense orgasm.

But when I’m in the mood to spend some long, slow-loving time on myself, I reach for a toy with a greater range of intensity so I can have a more gradual orgasm. You can build up slowly with these toys.

If you are someone who skips the lower levels and goes straight to the higher intensities, then I highly recommend this toy. Or, if you haven’t found a super high-intensity toy in a price range that suits you, try the Rose sex toy.

This is a great toy for intense pulsation at an affordable price. Seriously, for those who crave intensity, I’m not sure you can beat the power of the Rose vibrator at an affordable price.

But it’s not for everyone

The truth is that no sex toy gets unanimous praise. It is because sex is caused by sensual experiences and everyone has different physical sensitivities and sexual needs. Not all reviews are positive, and some users complain that buying them is a waste of money.

If you.

  • Enjoy slower speeds/don’t like very intense clitoral stimulation
  • Want a toy that is easy to clean (petals need cleaning work)
  • Want a quiet and gentle vibrator
  • Want to move forward and backward through patterns/intensity (Rose can only be controlled with a single button)
  • Want a toy that is completely waterproof so you can use it in the tub

Then the Rose toy may not be for you.

If you.

  • Enjoy intense clitoral stimulation – this toy is all gas and has no brakes.
  • Want high-quality, deep pulsations on a limited budget
  • Want vibration paired with suction for a unique experience compared to many other clitoral suction toys
  • Are interested in a clitoral suction toy with patterns and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Lelo toy
  • Are looking for a clitoral suction toy that is easy to use during cooperative sex

Then you can try this most intense clitoral suction toy for the same price.

How to use the rose vibration

PS: There is no standard tutorial for using the Rose sex toy, and it shouldn’t be rigid. The one that works for you is the right one. The following steps are for reference only!

First, don’t forget to fully charge your Rose vibrator. We’ve all been so close to orgasm and our toy dies. Charging it before use will avoid that disappointment.

Give yourself a good water-based lubricant. These toys do need lube to get a good seal.

Spread those lips and place the tip on your clitoris to create a dome. You can also spend some time moving the toy around your vulva to find something that makes you feel good. Many people prefer to use the toy around their clitoris rather than directly on top of it.

Others use it on their nipples too! There are no rules.

Play around with different speeds and vibration patterns. When arousal reaches a certain level, adjust the frequency of the Rose toy to the highest level for further stimulation. I believe you may have “taken off” at this point.

Using the Rose sex toy with a partner

If you also want to engage your partner in the pleasure of rose sex toys, then you have a few options, as follows.

You can use rose sex toys during foreplay. Your partner can use these toys all over the body, especially in sensual areas such as the ears, throat, belly button, inner thighs, and armpits. You can use the rose toys to have an orgasm before you perform actual or vaginal penetration.

Your partner can use the Rose sex toys in high vibration and suction mode during penetration (orgasm). As a result, the orgasm will be enjoyable.

Finally, make sure to clean the toy well.

How to charge your vibrating rose

This Rose vibrator is charged using a magnetic charging base and a USB cable. You can charge the Rose Vibrator by aligning the magnetic pins on the base of the Rose with the nodes on the flat base. You’ll know it’s charging when the power button flashes.

I couldn’t find any information on the packaging about how long this toy takes to charge or how long it takes to recharge. But from my personal experience, I have only charged this toy once since I got it. I have charged it directly from the box and it has probably not died for at least an hour since using it.

How to clean the flower vibrator

There is more work involved in cleaning around the petals in this clitoral stimulator than in most toys. Rose really needs a water-based lubricant, and if the toy isn’t cleaned immediately after you use it (and maybe even then), that and your own fluids will be left in the crevices between the “petals”. The petals are pliable enough that you can push them back to remove the fluid, which takes only a minute or two longer than a regular vaping stimulator.

The inner opening of the rose is large enough to stick your little finger in and run around inside to get the lube out. I would not recommend using a 70% isopropyl alcohol or 10% bleach solution to sanitize this toy, as the petals are more difficult to remove with these cleaners and the gold finish on the ABS plastic underneath the rose may be affected. You could instead use a tea tree oil-based cleaner.

Final Thoughts

The Rose Sucking Vibrator is a versatile sex toy that is both cute and effective. It’s a great first toy for those who are a little intimidated by the idea of buying a sex toy. Rose Vibrator is also a great gift for bachelorette parties or saucy bride giving: it’s cute, not overtly sexy. Even for someone as experienced with sex toys as I am, the rose design makes it a unique way to stimulate and makes this toy stand out.

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