Thwack Silicone Paddle


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Thick, extra flexible and super-maneuverable, the Thwack is a luxurious, high end silicone paddle from Tantus, offering its classic squared-off shape to any any number of submissive fantasy scenarios.

This playtime

ready creation is absolutely perfect for customized maneuvers, the

pleasantly weighty, naturally silky feel whips and whirls like nothing

else, delivering light, teasing slaps or teeth-gritting whacks with

amazing ease.

As with all Tantus offerings, the Thwack is completely body safe, hypoallergenic and wonderfully

odor free, plus, the silky feel is nothing short of mind-blowing. The

premium silicone warms quickly to match body heat, but if you’d like a

cooler option, just place the Paddle in the fridge or freezer before

play for some thrilling temperature variances. The Thwack is approximately 11 3/4 inches (29.8cm) long and 3.1 inches (7.9cm) wide.


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